The Solar Storm: SC & HV – Our Fall from the Ancients, Leading Back Into the Light (6-24-18)

Kyle speaks to SC and Heathen Vegan about new theories regarding the people from the pole, how some Celtic mythology sheds new light on old stories, how Atlantis fits into the narrative of our world, the resurgent research efforts of the Ahnenerbe, and how historical and mythological leaders can transform a people.

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Great show!

At the equilibrium point of extreme hot and cold it will sizzle or hiss like a snake, and steam will rise up like the awoken Kundalini/Vril serpent rises from the waters, up the spine/spear to our crown or sun.

They say this activates genius and vivid minds eye ability.




Wonderful explanations of what a leader is. I’ll add that to lead oneself is certainly a contribution. Some do not like the word “leader.” They feel it makes them a follower. Some follow because of agreeing to work toward a mutual goal, trusting the strategy, the vision. There can be respect for the organizer/leader without giving up one’s own power or succumbing to any false hierarchy. Yet many missions. Not enough leaders. At times I accept leadership from Renegade, having a respect for its pointing of the way. I can remain because I am allowed to have my own opinions, to disagree when I do, and to challenge the dialogue, the direction. A free society makes one leery of losing self-determination or of falling into… Read more »


I am into 1h, great topics and thought. I would throw in, given the fact Giza plateu is entirely artificial, layed out with gigantic stone plates, and the entire giza complex is ~10000 years old, was it really eqyptians that built it? We know, egyptians had copper tools, impossible to carve granite with, let alone moving gigantic blocks. Here comes in another thought, that is the myth of giants(elongated skulls?) all around the globe. What if giants built these obviously huge structures? Many temples in Egypt seem to be designed for much taller people, with pillars of 20+m height. Another aspect would be the function of say the great pyramid. In my book, it was a machine, that worked with water to produce a standing… Read more »


Just starting show and not sure if you covered this already, but there are accounts of red-haired “giants” in Lovelock Cave, Nevada:

As was mentioned, it only takes a few great thinkers, such as the three of you, to create, communicate and restore that genetic memory energy back into enough of our not-so-damaged folk.

Another marvellous and inspiring show – thank you all. Every dot joined is a symbolic hammer blow to the dark beings who currently rule over us. I can feel our momentum building again.

Kev H

Great converstations as usual. However, we can talk about polaris, constellations, northern lands (whether they still exist or not), atlantis etc, but there is an underlying issue which is not being talked about and i would like to know why. I’m sure everyone, by now – i hope, has caught wind of the question which has risen in popularity over the last few years with the growth of social media, and thats the question of where we live. If one is a critical thinking, intellectually honest individual, they will come to the conclusion that the commonly accepted theories regarding Earth are completely false and utterly embarrasing. How can we question locations of lands such as atlantis, have discussions of maps and locations of various land… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Kev H I am unsure how we can go about asking where we are, without using something to base our analysis off of. For instance, when we talked about the sun we used mostly mythology and ancient symbols. Then looked for correlation to either to what we see or are told, to see if they match or not. We have to start somewhere, and I believe our mythology and symbols are the best place. I see the argument that “everything is a lie” often, and of course with so much of our history and current world shrouded in deception, I understand why. I will say though, we cannot just dismiss everything, because then we put ourselves in a hopeless position. We have to look… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Something I forgot to add, as I have a weekly slot now here at Renegade, I am always looking for interesting guests. So if you have a suggestion, of a guest that you think can add to our discussion, or some other interesting area, please say. I also want to say, I am just as interested in an unknown, that has dedicated their time and energy into researching, in fact more so. Some times the “alternative” can become a merry go round, with the same guests appearing on multiple platforms. So if anyone reading this, has taken the time to dedicate themselves to a subject and has something to share please get in touch.


Kev H

Upon reviewing my latest reply I felt it is important to explain why I have chosen this particular show to voice my thoughts on the nature of the objective reality which we experience every day of our lives. Whenever I hear/read anything pertaining to lost locations which were once claimed to be around the most northern regions of this place we inhabit, I ask where are these lost locations and what happened to them? Whilst this idea is entertained by some, it is dismissed by many. Upon searching for answers; one will find that no common man has ventured to the most northern regions using a compass as his tool. The common man hoping to make this venture will instead use a GPS tracker and… Read more »


The Earth is most certainly not a ball of any sort. It is more astounding to me how apparently intelligent critical thinking members/readers of Renegade could not do or refuse to do their own basic science research investigation to be fully cognizant of this gigantic lie of a spinning ball Earth than my own awakening in late 2015 to the obvious truth of the flat world shape. For those for whom the term ‘Flat Earth’ triggers an intense illogical dislike due to inability to overcome the pervasive globe programming, then start with just questioning if basic real science supports in any way the conceptual theory of a spinning Ball Earth. For instance, just ask yourselves if free standing water at rest could curve in the… Read more »


Hope you get paid well for trying to spread disinfo in this place, otherwise this is just a frugally funny, rather boring attempt to hoax the readers with the trite old FE psyop.

Kev H

No disinfo here Liv, just getting back to basics, back to nature and hoping to spark some discussion into the true nature of our reality. Sorry if you were triggered.


Instead of distractions with baseless accusations of psyop, explain how masses of water would stick to the inside (?!) of your curved Hollow Ball Earth theory nonsense. Common on, show us logical evidence for how such absurd physics of water is possible. This absurdity is in addition to the magical curved oceans implied thereof. Water always finds its own flat level and is therefore perfectly flat at rest which is a 100% provable scientific fact. Therefore, the seas and oceans which covers more than 75% of the Earth’s surface is FLAT. Ergo, Earth must necessarily be flat plane. To all those whose childish response to Truth when revealed is to dislike it, please consider these famous words: All truth passes through three stages. First, it… Read more »


You may have missed my response

-> ff

What you are doing is spreading disinfo and this is my personal opinion.


Well, the flat earth theory has one very practical use as a political teaching tool. Most people find the flat earth theory laughable. We all know the earth is round. We’ve seen the pictures of the earth from outer space We know the history of how the catholic church persecuted the cosmology of the planetary spheres etc etc etc. Nowadays, the accepted scientifically proven truth is that the earth is round. BUT, what if all of a sudden a law was passed that forbade any questioning of the round earth? What if any questioning into the veracity of the round earth was punishable by imprisonment? In such a case what would be the normal reaction of most people? Most people might begin to wonder why… Read more »

Kev H

Agreed, we must have a beginning to base our analysis from. But whilst mythology and symbols are interesting and give great insight towards the past – there is no better starting point than the objective reality we experience every day of our lives, mythology is NOT needed in order to distinguish objective reality. Again, one does not need to conduct extensive research to make an enquiry into the objective world. So whilst geology, archaeology, biology etc are interesting subjects – they aren’t neccesary to come to the conclusion that the world we live in, as is described by the establishment is false. It does not take an acclaimed ‘scientist’ neither. Science belongs to the individual. I am not claiming that there is one biggest lie;… Read more »

Heathen vegan

I would like to make clear that I am not discounting personal gnosis gained from observation, in fact, I believe this a powerful tool. “science” starts here, with practical observation, but to expand from here we need to inquire further. This is why the sciences were “invented”, to test observed theory. The mythology of our people, is their observed realty, layed out in story form. I think it is a great next step, from observational research. The reason I mention scientific disciplines, is because we CAN use these, firstly to help us understand our observed realty and myth, and second to challenge academia on their terms. I personally feel both of these points make it a vital part after both observed and mythological study. This… Read more »


Agree, HV!


Have anyone of the hosts of this show ever read Miguel Serrano’s Nos book of resurrection? & if so, I’d be curious to know your thoughts on Serrano & that book. He wrote about most of the subject matter discussed here– Particularly the plight of Hyperboreans & their mythology. The only thing I can’t figure out is if it is his own interpretation or if it’s a collection of myth’s pieced together. or perhaps both?


The image of Odin makes me think of the polar configuration. If you haven’t already, check out the Thunderbolts project on YT; start with the “Under an Alien Sky” trilogy, then the “Discourses on an Alien Sky” series. There are also some wonderful lectures among many from the annual gatherings. They are definitely worth looking into.