The Solar Storm: Seana Fenner – True Yule (12-20-15)


Kyle speaks to Seana Fenner of Odinia International about the Yule tradition and her recent revelations.

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Please cite your sources about Yule and provide your real name so you can be verified as really White and not jewish.

Seana’s insights feel true to me.

I am Pure White.

What a magnificent show. Thank you Seana and Kyle. Paganism is the natural religion of our ARYAN RACE. All Abrahamic religions are foreign to our Race consciousness. In this dawning Age of AQUARIUS, our pagan gods and goddesses shall live again and we shall re connect with our roots in heaven and earth. LONG LIVE OUR GLORIOUS ARYAN PANTHEON! LONG LIVE THE GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT. ARYANA LIVES AGAIN. HAIL VICTORY, COMRADES!!!


You are clearly deluded. Labeling & categorizing people & words with certain limited connotations and attempting to control language by defining it within your own confined terms is EXACTLY what jews have been doing to f*ck with us for centuries. Do you realize that in fact nobody even wants and most certainly doesn’t need your help? They take one look at how you present yourself and are immediately turned off. You come across as very uneducated and uninformed about the “real” world so why would anyone take you seriously? You remind me of those poor deluded souls you stumble across on Youtube occasionally who audition for American Idol with absolutely no talent & not a hope in hell of getting anywhere. In fact you’re exactly… Read more »


@ WHITERELIGIONADHERENT After reading a few of your comments one is left with the impression that you are living in a very different little world to the rest of us. I’d like to be kind and say you sound like the typical “basement dweller” we all hear about so often but I really don’t think I can be so kind in your case given the prolonged continuity of your desultory commentary. If it’s not too cold where you are may I suggest you try getting out into some back country away from it all for a week or so over the Christmas/Yule period. Cut yourself off completely and just commune intimately with nature for a sustained period. Take off your shoes and go barefoot for… Read more »

Hey Jim ,” Paganism” is not a religion . “Paganism” is a word used by Christians that was used by Mediterranean races derived from latin to describe non-Christians in a slanderous way. The “real true Pre-Christian religions north of the Alps” were called / identified by words / languages & names you most likely have never heard or used before . ONLY ANTI-WHITES use the words pagan & heathen . The “True” Pre-Christian White race religious adherents (with over 75% White race ancestry), of those religions that evolved north of the Alps at least call their Pre-Christ. religions by their original ID or name in the original language . IE. Lets say your almost pure Amer -indian race adhering to your Amer-indian religion & your… Read more »

In regard to the comment about languages etc., tribal religion is about blood, which is the very basis of our connection to our Gods. An Asian who learnt Icelandic would not suddenly become European. We are the Children of our Ancestral Gods, again, by blood, regardless of geography or language. Your being a native speaker of one of our ancient languages is a good thing, but it does not follow that you have any particular knowledge or authority given you by the Gods. In fact, you would appear to be a pedant.

Hi Elena , What is Pure White to you ? What % of Pure White race genetics do you have to be to qualify to be classified as Pure White? I assume you mean race / phenotype & not just color .


The only person who has to answer those questions is you WHITERELIGIONADHERENT/Mr White Genocide (what supremely immature pseudonyms!). In fact until you provide actual proof of qualification everyone seeing all the grammatically incorrect diarrhoea you dribble out will continue to treat you like the lonely, juvenile, mentally ill douchebag you so obviously are. Do yourself a big favor – stop posting comments that just expose you more & more as a loser just hitting out at everyone around them and DO something REAL like Aryana suggests above… after all, what good is ANY religion unless it makes you a better person (something you’re doing the opposite of right now).


PS. Just to try & help you get a clue… Calling people “anti-white” for using certain words is an example of why people see you as retarded (ie. engaging as a child). You should try reading over all of your own comments here & elsewhere again several times and then ask yourself “How would that make me appear if I was actually saying that while engaging in a face-to-face conversation with someone?” Us normal intelligent adults already know the answer but you need to get there too if you want to salvage any scrap of respect for yourself. PPSS. I’m certainly much “whiter” than you (it’s a fact so don’t ask!) and I use the words “pagan” and “heathen” in everyday “general” discussion. Us normal… Read more »

Ok , I think you are confused . I clearly stated in an earlier post that I am on this site to help newly awake / aware White race people identify Anti-White race infiltrators posts / articles in the public comment section but you censored my post because you personally did not like it , so , other White race people couldn’t read it , so , it appears you are an Anti-White trying to censor Whites of the White race from helping other White race people understand more about their Whitegenocide situation & what to do about it . I think it is interesting that you say you are much “whiter” than me & you have never met me . Now it is a… Read more »

Ally, people like you & infiltrators must be Identified for the newly awakened White race members I help in that ID process by my comments . It is true as you state the rich controllers always accuse the opposition of what they are doing . It is also true they attempt to convince people in their statements that everyone thinks like them but in true fact they are one person or very few people . They also make direct personal attacks of slander & malice . They also censor people with opposing views if they can because they know they will loose their point of argument / discussion . PS it might not be Kyle censoring but someone that also has the ability to do… Read more »

Jonny M


You’re generalizing too much with this north of the alps theory of yours. I’m half English on paternal and half French on maternal. I do have a more ero-med appearance with brown hair and tan easier than nordics probably from my French side (partially south of the alps) and similar to many Greeks and Italians. Are you saying that people like me are not white?

I answered you about the north of alps stuff you’ve been talking about back in January using my old username “J Middleton”.

Hi John M . on your paternal side did your last name evolve from north of the Alps or south of the Alps in Mediterranean regions ? On your maternal side was your mothers maiden last name from north or south of the Alps? was her recent ancestry (over 75% of which she is composed of Within the last 500 years or so) evolved in north or south of the Alps regions ? If you have over all between paternal & maternal OVER 75% genetics of your ancestors that evolved north of the Alps latitude for at least 500 years you would be (In my opinion ) At least hybrid White , of the White race . If you have over 93.75% genetics north of… Read more »

Jonny M

Like a lot of other Americans It’s difficult for me to trace family history that accurately before a certain time in history, in my case before the late 1700s. But I’m fairly sure my father’s ancestors came from somewhere in England but it’s possible that there is some other British mixture because of the History there and the name is somewhat common . On my mothers’s side the name is connected with France for a very long time and knowledge of the French identity has been kept alive on maternal side. Both sides of my family seem to have a fairly good connection to their pasts. But besides what I said earlier this year the other reason I have to object to what you’re saying… Read more »

Jonny M I think there must be parameters to measure & accurately , (As best as possible), to determine which ones are of the White race so we can separate into our own self determining / governing control systems to ensure White race preservation . It is true White race people have been duped pretty good by the rich controllers Anti-White race media & White race traitors accepting their Anti-White money to betray our White race but we MUST separate from the causes of our White race genocide & form at first, small communities , then larger ones . We have very little time left before we Whites , of the White race become extinct pasted the tipping point of having enough Whites to reproduce… Read more »

Additional , don’t trust online sites like ancestry .com at first when they came out they had some truth about your lineage in their content but now they are just full of Anti-White race disinfo. to indicate your line is mixed race . These Anti-Whites & their rich Anti-White race controllers are accelerating their agenda of White race genocide because they know White race people are waking up (mainly because of the net / web ). I the near future I predict they will censor the web about any posts about White race / genocide & preservation.

Hey Aryana , What is your definition of the word religion ? Everyone has different definitions of the word . What are the specific true things that everyone would agree on about what religion is in all their definitions on the planet? If anyone else wants to give their specifics of their definition of religion that everyone would agree on go ahead I am interested .

Seana ‘s version of Yule is not true , although there are some basic true parts in her description . She went to the Anti-Whites college & was given false data about Yule to present to the public . Yule is ONLY a celebration for White race people that have OVER 75% White race ancestry & White race genetics that evolved North of the Alps . It has nothing to do with any other races cultures in Mediterranean regions . It seems she wants to include other races / cultures in the celebration.

I do not know who you are so I cannot address you by name. Yes, I attended Oxford, but my supervisor was not anti-White. In fact, he once failed a Jewess on her Masters degree. Try to do that anywhere else in Europe or in the USA and see what happens. Oxford is becoming more anti White like everywhere else, but I was not indoctrinated there. We look at original sources with little or no supervision. There is a completely different system which you are ignorant of, and yet this does not stop you from acting as though you have some sort of knowledge about it when you do not. Yes, I do draw upon parallels from Greeks, Slavs etc. and that is because they… Read more »