The Solar Storm: Shawna & Heathen Vegan – Logos Lies and Unnatural Laws (5-6-18)

Kyle hosts a religious roundtable with Shawna and Heathen Vegan to address the recent direction of Gnostic Media, where Jan has been having guests on to promote the Christian conception of Logos and Natural Law, putting forth both the Bible and Book of Mormon as essential documents for right living and historical understanding.

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Jan’s wife is a stripper, yet still remains on the school board. She was instrumental in gaining more “rights” for child trannies (abuse victims)

“During the board discussion, several members were visibly moved as they spoke in support of the policy. Board member Sarah Thompson struggled as she read a letter from a mother of a now-deceased transgender student who was bullied and not supported by her school. Holly Seeliger, who led the committee that crafted the policy, wiped away tears as others spoke.”

Robert Heimdall

Well, well, well. “Natural Law” as its best, ain’t it?.


Isn’t getting married a submission to the State? Clint would surely disapprove!


Clint really exposed Jan on his last podcast. I thought they were friends. Not any more. I believe Clint over Jan.


I feel so sorry for those children stuck in schools due to whatever circumstances. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who really ”loved” or even remotely enjoyed the edjewcation system of torture and retardation, but now, with this tranny agenda, the emo’s, cutter’s, etc – the freak-o-meter is just totally off the richter, unregisterable. It sounds shocking to those still clinging to this dying society, but the greatest thing you can do for your kids is to GET THEM OUT of school. Choose to be truly responsible for your children. Your job as a parent is to protect the young from these perverted programmers and their flocks. Children are so curious, it is amazing how much they will learn on their own, without your direction!… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

We should all give up, kneel before the young rabbi jesus, and worship him and the off-shoot jewish cult. If you dare question this abrahamic fiction – you’re a jew! Blessed are the natural law makers!

Jan and his mates sound like frustrated mgtow-monks. Get the evil wimmin on the ducking stool, then off to the pub for steak tartare-y, the healthiest judeo-paleo die-t. Also, that Logos drivel is just gmo-hasbara, to steer us back into their one-religion pen imo.

PS Thanks Shawna, HV & Kyle. Your hard work and research breaks it all down, so even a simple soul like myself, can understand this limited-hangout trickery.


Thanks for this show. It was badly needed. Yawn has turned into a real piece of shit. I’m sure he’s getting a lot more donations from his Christian dupes.


I’ve heard a lot of non christian WNists speak highly of Ecoli Jones over the years, but as a rule to myself, I never take the word or research of a christian as valid, especially in WNism, because lets face it: if they can’t figure out christianity is a crock of shit this far along in their own journey towards the truth, then they aren’t very bright, or they’re lying to everyone.

This proves Jones is a charlatan and robs any credibility he had. Thanks for the show Kyle. Great job as always.


Natural law or Anti Nature?
comment image


Great discussion. Kyle can you also do a show on Christian identitarianism. I see it more and more on social media. I much prefer what they say about Christanity as apposed to Judeo Christians. But it’s still all bullshit and they are absolutely anti Pagan.

Allison MacPherson

In the recent past I respected Jan Irvin for his coordinated work with researchers such as Joe Atwill, Hans Utter, and Steve Outtrim. Joe Atwill especially contributed a great amount of hard work toward garnishing Jan Irwin’s followers. I noticed Irvin’s (Irving’s?) presentations on Tartary seemed very confusing, but since much of true history has been suppressed, I attempted to understand his assertions. But then he dropped Tartary quite suddenly veered off into supporting the bible as truth. When people began to disagree with his reverence for the bible, he became irate, and apparently the fallacies of logic via the trivium, were forgotten and Irvin began some quite nasty name calling. He really showed his ass. He later referred to Joe Atwill as a “Jesuit… Read more »


Pardon My Typos in my prior comment response if it posts. If it does not post… to repeat: I’m also a former loyal listener to Jan’s show. I liked the same guests as you and I bought into much of his content to an unhealthy degree. Then I caught him lying in 2016 with his “Punk Rock Exposed” show. Jan was/is a closet Bad Religion fan even at the time. Not that I care what Jan likes musically. (Most people still havn’t heard the first 100 episodes, and in one of them, Jan is fawning over the idea of having Bad Religion’s singer Greg Graffin on as a guest) He did not like that I caught this. Yet he maintained that “some good bands still… Read more »


Thanks for the show. For a trivium “scholar” Jan uses lots of sophisms and fallacies. When he says there are no contradictions in nature I think he means it with regards to quantum physics only for some reason.


It really is unbefuckinglieveable. People just CANNOT give up the inner jew. Fucking christianity. It is unreal to what ends people will go to in order to milkfeed, bathe, and shit the inner kike.

vanilla guerilla

It took me a while and I lost some hair lol but I think my father gets it now
Its really hard for them to believe others could be so predatory to others in my opinion
Though misguided they are not evil
I was indoctrinated like most and there is hope

We have seen it ourselves the masses are waking up


I hope you continue to call Yawn out because nobody else is. Thanks again!


The entire Logos discussion is a step down from the Ultimate Reality. Consciousness Itself is senior to any anthropomorphic representation OF it. Once a person has an illuminated moment where they wake up entirely to their Supreme Identity, they can no longer be taken in by the “gods” as anything other than a representation of a part of the Fractal. “God” is the Always Already Condition of all conditions. The Nature OF Consciousness IS Love, not to be confused with emotive sentiment. Consciousness, Awareness is the Prior Condition to all conditions. Just one moment of Cosmic awareness will penetrate all of these questions that Gnostic media argue.


Well said.


Freaking great show. Especially the point about the shepherd and flock.


I love this and will listen again, so many great points that sharpened for me this link between christianity and communism, what the heck logos is and how it relates to eros. I see how a lot of neu age thought-leaders seem to push eros as a stand-alone, divorced from logos on the other extreme. So it can be a kind of divide and conquer, and sometimes it falls along gender lines, but not always. HV, nice synthesis there and putting it into context with the Stoics and our ancestors. Like Shawna and others, I’ve followed gnostic media for years, and did want to stay open to the info, in the tradition of suspending judgement and taking it all in. But it was a sticky… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Callwen,

I agree, our societies are being divided always along extremes, and Logos and Eros are just another example. It is though ironic that we who try to bring a balance to these ideas are called the extreme ones……

Christianity and communism both confuse the two, like I stated in the show. They say logos is god, but then god is love, without ever explaining this. Do not get me wrong their is a “hermetic” understanding of Gods and Goddesses, which I have found present in many of our ancient deities. but the way they do it is deceptive. It essentially keeps everyone happy and is why their books are full of contradictions.

Shawna Marie

Jan claims Holly is not Jewish. Yet at 44:17 in the live chat Laura Powers claims Holly said she is ashkenazi and of the same tribe as natalie portman on her youtube.

Shawna Marie
Heathen vegan

I picked up on this too, I didnt find the video, but what made me think it true was Laura had just donated 100 dollars to Jan. Great find on the video


Here is the video of Holly saying she’s jewish:

Peter James

And the video is gone – whitewashing …


Yea what the fuck is up with Jan?


Re-ligare, to bind back. Religion is nothing other than a tool to enslave the mind, and if you have the mind, you have all the power.

Remember the edict of the priest “give me a child and I will give you back the man”. The years 0 -7 or 8 you have no critical thinking. An =d how young are we when we are at school?!

Race is an expression of Spirit. Cause and effect. Physics.

I would say no Christian can be a reliable source of info when it comes to discussing the JQ, regardless of whether they are shills or not. Being a faithful Christian means they can’t criticize any part of the bible.

vanilla guerilla

Tex Marrs exposes the Jews and I have shut many a Jew down in their tracks with what I learned about the Talmud from him
My question is why don’t I see more of our people exposing the religion in its own words

I feel like we can’t win if we are gonna put all these prerequisites on who can join the struggle
If you know the Jews want to kill us all and you want to defend your tribe then I say hell yeah man we should work together
If you disagree then let me know why because we can’t afford to lose again and they will never let any country free without force


Since you mentioned Mormons, I thought some might appreciate this video. It just goes to show that your primal instincts can over ride your brain washing. However I’m sure they give Yah-Yah the glory for their victory. I know because I always gave that Monster credit when I overcame violent encounters. The TRUTH has set me free!!!


chem trails in the background

Is law-gic a form of i-mage-ic or is i-mage-ic a form of low-gic? Which one came first the chicken or the egg? Does this question need to be answered? Would this quest even have a destination worth the pursuit? Nietzsche teaches that the ultimate “rabbit holes” are the linguistic prisons (pre-sun, that which predates the sun and the son, blocks the light and the growth of the offspring) we build for ourselves (and our encouraged to build for ourselves by those whose game-interest is in keeping us in a weak position) through unexamined use of symbols and metaphors and their implications, through symbolic illiteracy. The primary metaphors are that of movement and limitation, using the sense of touch, to arrive at movement and balanced co-ordination… Read more »


The only truth is Physics. If anything is written is it merely a re-presentation which itself is not the Truth. “I forbade any simulation in the Temple, because Divinity itself cannot be represented”. We are prisoners of the representation which itself MUST be taught. Life is what it is and there is no necessiy for a second hand set of artificial rules. This idea of a GAWD is a deception. It is an abstraction from something that is Real. Artificial law is about what is written not what IS. The written word is a distraction into the Simulation, which itself is a symbolic removal from nature. Religion is supposed to make you totally blind to the contradictions that control the mind. The latent force is… Read more »


Might does not deny the organising principle of a system.Sure might works, but does it work in the context of what is required. You can put 1000 amps through your hifi but does it really contribute to the system? Might does not come without it’s own downside, because it is not just power but how that power manifests itself to serve a greater function. In nature there is an order, be it based on might, but that is not to say that there is no organising force that presides over that might too. Everything has a purpose.


Natural Law is Physics. That is all. Physics. No written or secondary means necessary. Physics: bare and as they are. Call it Gawd or whatever, it is the rules of the Eternal Laws of Physics.


Just have E michael Jones on.

Bobby Puccio

THANK YOU all so much for this show. We hate you, Jan. Go listen to his latest upload-his Q and A video. It’s hilarious: he is trolling his audience by claiming to be mass attacked by trolls. I know you are reading this, Jan. You’re obsessed. We know. You look at every Facebook profile of everyone who you know watches you even if they don’t follow you on Facebook. You’re a Creeper. It doesn’t make us CIA Agents, or Satanists, or Jews(like Holly), or Trolls, to have major disagreements with you, jackass. We simply see through your Nonsense and Crap peddled as Wisdom and Axioms of Nature. Believe whatever you want as far as Spiriuality or Religion or Metaphysics…just DON’T START A CULT based on… Read more »

Peter James

Take a look at one of Holly Seeliger’s (Holly Danger) events in Portland from 2016
Damon H Loucks Photography is offering us these images from the event:
or here
Seeliger is seen here for example
but I also found somebody resembling Jan – not sure though and would like some feedback:
Jan Irving?
Are they the same people?
I started digging, because Jan is abusing his listeners claiming every third commentor to be a troll or a beta – telling us what a stud he is. He is name calling either straight from his mic or later in the comment section.


That’s not him


The “word” in that era (book og Genesis) meant “what do you ascertain from your surroundings,” not the written word. Think about the song: “Grease Is the W ord” meaning perceiving trends and being aware of what nature tells you.


Read “Dante’s Inferno,” or look into the Shakespearean “Chain of Being,” beginning with animals, progressing up the pyrimidal heirarchy to man, angels, arch argels, GOD. This ecplains their concept of who is dominant- or our place in the cosmos. Of course, Dante’s Inferno describes 9 levels of hell experienced on earth.