The Solar Storm: Taking Down Modern-Day Mordor (7-1-18)

Kyle speaks about weaponized news anxiety and fatigue, the myriad issues facing us, and how we can not let ourselves be turned away from the fight. There are a number of callers who share their thoughts, making for a more interesting and varied show.

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P.A. Russell

After being around my normal (obtunded) co-workers all weekend long, it’s nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and listen to this show. It’s my daily dose of sanity. As an added benefit, I just watched the latest Murdoch-Murdoch video as well! THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE MSM AND THIS IS IT!!!


Great show, Kyle. You guys and gals keep up the great work. Renegade gives me something to look forward to each night. Not as informed as you guys are but listening to the nightly broadcasts has really helped me wake up and get energized.


In the matter of the woman calling aand saying White people are being assaaulte emotionally, I think it is worth noting that Psychopaths are essentially defined by their emotional capacity deficit; their inability to ‘feel’ empathy, pity, remorse, guilt which are the components of conscience which thogh mediated by the brain exists as a visceral emotional entity. Those without emotional capacity have a distinctive genetic character: they are amoral, as compared to for instance richemotional-capacitied European peoples, whose empathy-conscience generate a visceral Moral Compass that is essentially what has come to be The Gollden Rule: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Jewry is in my humble opinion a race whoes core and majority members are historically and currently amoral and… Read more »


Your theory is absolutely correct, and I think at this point, qualifies as fact. I’m the woman who called in, and am very aware of the nature of the parasite. My point was that they are attempting to mold the rest of the population in their own image, and it’s working.


Thank you for the show, Kyle, especially for remembering the youth and what’s been done to them and is still being done to them. Such a strange, disempowering phenomenon. I see them reaching for uniqueness and drowning in sameness. That said, I did suffer some disappointment (1:38 mark) with some of your words toward the elders, people over fifty whom you describe as “on their way out.” I’d like to say that I know many in this age-group who are still vital and solidly in the fight. They are not so much public figures but people I know in my own life. Sure they can do more, but isn’t that true of many, in whatever age-group? And does not the cause transcend age? It is… Read more »


Almost every elder I have talked to in the last ten years has given me just about the exact same response every time the conversation turns towards the bleak day to day reality, and what our future looks like, for us and our children, ”I feel really bad for you. I feel sorry for your children. I’m glad I was able to raise my children when I did.” (Thirty to sixty years ago.) At first I was a bit surprised, but appreciated the sympathy. Now every time I get that response I just give the honest, very disappointed, ”Thanks”. Sympathy just irritates me. I loathe their inaction and the ”pass the buck” attitude. Most often I get the ”Glad I don’t have to raise children… Read more »


Talk to them; tell them how you feel, what you need from them. It doesn’t hurt to try and is at least better than just dismissing them, which I am not saying you are doing. I mean, the creation did place them in our lives, when you think in terms of time and place. They are here, and many of them gave us our very lives. Maybe this is a time of reaching out to those who may have given up or gotten distracted by dangling carrots. Comfort could steal a lot of fire, as will extreme hardship. I think if you make eye-contact with them you might see something there to work with. How often I too, have heard: “I don’t envy you having… Read more »

Let’s turn to where “power” is supposedly derived from in the SWUHO (Shekel-Shackled World Usurocracy & Homo Order), these Disney-hoax-land “ride” tickets called money (mono-eye or the all-seeing eye on top of the pyramid on every U.S. Bill, I don’t know what it is in the other 155 central-banked currencies, but they should be some similar ooga-booga cartoon). “Money” in its proper sense is nothing but a symbol of energy. However, in its improper or perverted sense, it is deliberately separated from the realm of spiritual energy, the foundation without the proper laying and handling of which all “physical energy” sooner-or-later falters even in its most ambitious goals and leads to weak or crumbling structures. When people who actually have a decent-paying job within the… Read more »


woah. this is a comments section…
Most folk come here to read the banter not a discourse.
I’m going to have to come back later to try and read through all that.
If your really confident in your compilation, enough to post it here – why not submit it to Renegade Tribune?


I beg your pardon for perhaps posting off-topic, but as far as I know this is the first demo, where speakers openly mention “die Juden” in German language and on German soil in public. I think this is worth being noted on a broad level.

Demo on 30 06 2018 in Nürnberg – Release the thought criminals!
1 hour uploaded by Henry Hafenmayer

25:30 Richard Edmonds speaks German

41:10 Alfred Schaefer told the audience that the calls in the USA “It’s time to … the …” (in English 45:28) are growing louder and I wonder why the police did not arrest him right away, but perhaps they don’t speak English (joke, the so-called Verfassungsschutz is surely present with cameras and mics).


From 46:00 on he speaks about the Pavlovian dog, which is SO tiny, and can jump THAT high 😀 Every German would most probably be arrested on the spot.


(((antifa stasi))) photo/video documentation as was to be expected:

The photographer can most probably be seen at around minute 9:00 (Heiko Maas doubleganger?) in the video uploaded by Henry Hafenmayer


SATIRE – Doch keine 6 MIllionen! | RE-UPLOAD They are discussion 6 million participants in the demonstration for freedom of speech and freedom for the incarcerated dissidents, which they first had claimed when they drove to Nürnberg, and here they are saying that they have to admit that there weren’t 6 million demonstrators participating. Video description: *** Due to surprising restriction of the original here again a re-up *** Since there was some controversy in relation to the specified number of 6 million, we have again researched a little and thought and have come to a different conclusion. Today we are talking about several hundred participants in the demo – please excuse this mistake! During the research, however, a highly interesting paragraph of Adenauer’s… Read more »


“We Are Monika” – English and German articles.

„No surrender“! by Michele Renouf


Liv, you really should be putting together articles for the Tribune.
If you really wanted people to read/know what’s going on over on the ‘front lines’ you’d get alot more people sharing and reading it that way..