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Bob in DC
8 years ago

Good show. This resistance to the reality of Khazarian Jews is interesting, esp. in that Sviatoslav I is historically credited with defeating their empire (their country/influence lasted until the Mongolian onslaught). Look closely into the “Radhanite” Jews, which were the Silk Road Jews of no later than the mid first millenium.


8 years ago

Another good one for the books as usual. Kyle, I was interested to hear you mention Marcus in Sweden. I have wondered about this, as he is a pretty influential person at the moment and I do like a lot of what he is doing. I speak with him here and there via Facebook, and I actually brought this issue up with him last week oddly enough. He has put out some videos where he writes things in text above what he is saying on camera, long story short he told me “I’m pretty sure it’s obvious I was referring to the Jews” etc. I ended the conversation shortly after because I do think he is a good person, and didn’t feel like arguing –… Read more »

8 years ago

Never liked Tanstaafl. Always been suspicious of the guy for having a Jewish wife. Also embarrassed of anyone unwilling to admit that Whites are reponsible for allowing Jews to kill is off. It’s honestly fucking pathetic to hear old men whine about Jews and not holding their own people accountable for dropping the ball. “It’s the brainwashing” Fuck you. Who fell for the brainwashing?

Reply to  UnsuicidalWhite
8 years ago

I do not think that white people in general know the power and nature of ews. Don’t recognize jewish names other than obvious Feinstein type names; and the mass media does not identify jews as jews unless there is a specific reason. Media targeted to jews is not the same as to non jews and the message for all is intrinsically that non jews should not talk about jews. American people are very trusting as a result of our mind control programming. And white people may be unaware of media programming targeting black folk with anti-white programming interspersed with Holocaust entertainment. One of the key mistakes was to allow jews to gain control of the newspaper media then radio when it became a mass media.… Read more »

8 years ago

Excellent interview. Top notch.

8 years ago

It seems a logical impossibly that holos or homos could be members of the alt right. Suspicious mind. And if everyone is afraid to address the root problem, we are doomed. This is critical knowledge.

8 years ago

Oh, but Pope Francis last year publicly stated that the Jews are the Catholics’ big brothers. Whatever did he mean??

8 years ago

Tanstaafl is an insightful observer but he needs to take more care in what he links to on his rss since its mere listing inevitably appears as endorsement. For instance The Right Voice 27 Jan feat. Tom Bowie (en passant) and UK Dave Russell (ad nause.). Go listen to what Russell said about the media around 1h36m. Russell fixates on the symptoms not the causes and is a Highly Suspicious Character. Incidentally the host of that show is imo also a Highly Suspicious Character, listen e.g. 1h 37m, 2h13m. Recall what David Irving said about accents, London and ethnic allegiances. High Wycombe – or Colindale? All timings appx. Regarding DNA testing, Saint Texe Marrs investigated the testing company ownership phenomenon quite well in a shoah… Read more »

Jack Boot
8 years ago

Tan is one of the best speakers out there on the internet and I agree with almost everything he says. However, I am always left puzzled how some of these guys are able to reconcile their private life with their ‘public one’. Tan has a Jew wife(or at least part Jewish). He has kids who are at least then biologically part Jewish. Yet in this interview he is quite explicit as to what he thinks the solution is to the Jewish problem. How is someone able to square that with themselves? Same with Scott Roberston(??). He speaks against race mixing and such, but his wife is a Pakistani or something. And he has mixed race kids.

8 years ago

I have alot of time for Tanstaafl. He speaks in plain language, is as sharp as a pin, and clearly has a multi-layered understanding of the predator. He explains his conclusions by showing how logic travels in straight lines. The sums add up…… except for one, as Jack Boot mentioned. Not that personal lives should be the subject of debate but this is an interesting insight that Tan could share with us. – He obviously loves his wife, so how does he reconcile his feelings? …From on the one hand his contempt for the jews working for the jew world order and on the other the affection he feels for his wife, a jewish woman?

8 years ago

I like Tanstaafl, he has addressed his wifes jewishness a few times in interviews. I still like his commentary and will listen whenever he is on. You can’t always know where your life will lead, and what you will discover over time. The fact that his wife has a Jewish father (I think), really does not bother me that much. He has an insightful view of the problem, and speaks openly about it. He is articulate and knowledgeable, and we need more of that. Good show, Kyle.

8 years ago

Wow I really wished I had listened to this show live. This is my second time hearing tanstaafl and I have learned so much from just this one interview. I totally agree with Tanstaafl that, white people have not criticized the jew enough, at times we get one maybe two well known leaders who will. Also, thank goodness He was not trying to push the khazar theory. Jews are race totally different from whites and other races as well. Overall, I enjoyed this interview and as I stated I wish I had listened live instead of watching the super(JEwuper) bowl with their anti white narrative.

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