The Solar Storm: The Crazz Files (6-21-15)


Kyle is joined by Adam and Garth from The Crazz Files. The discussion involves a variety of topics: vaccines, health, pharmaceuticals, psycho killers, psychological operations, Dylann Storm Roof, black on White violence, state-sponsored terrorism, parasitic elites, and much more.

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Even if White people have Black friends don’t trust them, they can still be homicidal racists. Because racism is an illness (that only White people are predispositioned to) – This is basically what this Dylann Roof narrative is pushing on the sublimal level.

An Irishman walks into a bakers shop and asks the shop girl
“how much for one of those buns?
“£1 for two” replied the shop girl
“how much for one” said the Irishman
“70p” replied the shop girl
“I’ll have the other one” said the Irishman

Great show guys, glad to hear you all openly questioning the official narrative of the alleged Charleston shooting when all the other pro-White personalities, sites and organizations uncritically accept it. I simply don’t understand why anyone would ever blindly accept what the Jews’ media says about any major event, especially purported mass shootings. There has been no legitimate evidence presented that demonstrates this shooting even took place. The media just reports it, parades some ridiculous and unconvincing “victim’s family members” in front of the camera, and we’re all just supposed to believe it. It’s just ridiculous, and insulting. Have a look at what the SPLC is pushing via the New York Times: “White Supremacists without borders” – that’s right, the next phase in the… Read more »

So much of the Dylann Roof story doesn’t make sense.
Dylann Roof “not racist” says Black Friend

The Tiffany interview with Ognir about Sandy Hook Truther harassment agents and mentally ill snitch rats C.W. Wade and Keith Johnson. An absolute MUST LISTEN:

205 page thread examining and proving from every possible angle that the Breivik/Norway/Bombing/Shootings were ENTIRELY FAKED, just like Sandy Hook :

The Ognir / Tiffany audio was taken down because Og recorded the conversation without her knowledge and she rightly threatened to sue his Switzerland-living Irish ass across the pond. Zap also took it down yesterday at Mami’s

But the gist of it is already obvious from the screen-capture link.

I listened to the Ognir Tiffany audio before it was taken down. Anyone who missed it is not really missing much. Didn’t know who that Tiffany person was but she comes across bitchy although well organised in her campaign. The fact that she would possibly sue over that recording being broadcast (which in truth would have pleased her since it gave her the platform she wanted to get at Keith Johnson) is further proof that she’s not really looking to make friends. On a lighter note, it made me laugh when she said that “Keith Johnson even called our President Obama the N-word.” – I’d like to hear more from Ognir… where do I hear his broadcasts?

@Pajo Wait a second. Let me get this straight. Are you DEFENDING Keith Johnson and C.W. Wade? lol Why do you have an avatar instead of using your real name? Because, understandably, you don’t want asswipes like Keith Johnson to get you fired from your job for free expression of your thoughts and opinions on the internet. Try going to your job and Heil-Hitlering all day and doing even as little as handing out Renegade Broadcasting bumper stickers to your co-workers and see how long you’ll last. As soon as you’re labeled a “racist” and “white supremacist” your means of livelihood will be gone before you can blink twice. Same thing with Sandy Hook, 9-11 and conspiracy theories. Most people have been brainwashed to consider… Read more »



Og’s information underground radio archives:

@ Negentropic I used to listen to the Ugly Truth a bit. Mark Glenn has been quite formidable, especially in his Israel did 9/11 stance. Keith Johnson can be very humorous… I don’t think he’s ever claimed to be an authority and he’s clearly not. They are pushing that Crescent and Cross stuff, like a Christian Islam coalition is the answer! Not my cup of tea at all but has its value…. would require a discussion to cover. This fight is happening on many fronts…. the anti-zionist, israel did 9/11 crowd might not fully represent the rest of us but they don’t really harm us either unless pointless personality clashes are blown up. – It’s not the end of the world if we don’t all… Read more »
@Pajo What you don’t seem to realize is that the whole “Israel did 9-11” PLANE-HUGGING/VICTIMS-HUGGING anti-media-fakery stance stems directly from Christopher Bollyn’s research and then Mr-Army-War-College-Professor Alan Sabrosky’s corroboration “9-11 Was a Mossad” job essays and interviews (all plane-hugging and victims-hugging with ZERO media-fakery factored in except for the whodunnit). Both the flick “9-11 Missing Links” and the Zion Crime Factory’s (Brandon Martinez) analysis were based on Bollyn’s limited hangout. The job of people like Bollyn and Sabrosky is to keep White Nationalists and non-WN-anti-Judaics as far away as possible from the CORRECT HOW of the majority of these PsyOps by the dangling the “Jews did it and Israel did it” bait. This allows them to use the same HOW over-&-over-&-over again without risking much… Read more »

Correction: That principle IS that of always encouraging any-&-all USEFUL IDIOCY in anti-Judaic circles.

Correction: The issue of Israeli involvement in these MEDIA-ORCHESTRATED PSYOPS has never been in question.

Crazz Files – June 30, 2015 – Guest: John Friend

The Crazz Files, an independent podcast program based in Australia. We discussed a variety of issues, including the alleged Charleston shooting and the plethora of anti-White, un-American agendas being advanced in its aftermath.

Red Ice Radio – Jay Dyer – Dylann Roof & The Charleston Church Shooting June 24, 2015

Jay Dyer is a writer and researcher from the Southern US who obtained his BA in philosophy, while his graduate work focused on the interplay of literary theory, espionage and philosophy.

Dennis Fetcho’s old Illuminatus Observor podcasts from 2010 back up:

Oracle Broadcasting Era Fetcho/Rebel/Kyle Concen thread back up:

@Pajo Sorry, but you totally discredit yourself by blurting out “No Planes Nonsense.” I have no further wish to continue discussion with closed-minds such as yours. I will leave you with a few final comments, make of it what you will, and good luck pushing your agendas at the cost of truth and nobility. Hardly any of the really important “false-flag” events of the past 20 years have been “real.” As I already stated: the reason for this is PRAGMATIC and not MORAL. Given the stranglehold the elite Jews have on the world’s media, it is FAR easier to shoot a movie of a massacre than to actually commit the massacre. It is also FAR easier to point to whoever they want to point… Read more »
Correction: But IF you want to ascribe such ass-level idiocy to your enemies and pretend they would “just do it” because of their “bloodlust” or some such absurdity, be their guest. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” — Sun Tzu – 500 B.C. “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” – Sun Tzu – 500 B.C. “Every idea that is a true idea has a form, and is capable of many forms. The variety of forms of which it is capable determines the value of the idea. So by way of ideas, and your mastery of them in… Read more »

Negentropic wrote “Focusing on “Jews” 24 hours a day might make for a really macho and steam-releasing party for your ego but it is a noisy and simplistic tactic devoid of well thought-out strategy. All you will accomplish by that is get labeled anti-semitic, racist, white-supremacist and actually MINIMIZE your effectiveness and handicap it within the WN and non-WN-anti-Judaic circle jerk”

That is exactly the kind of gatekeeping cowardice that we are trying to weed out. It’s not unfair to bring the Jews/Israelis into question when the facts take us there.

You belong on the Alex Jones channel mate.

I disagree. He has a point. If you come from his point of view. Negentropic in my estimation is very smart and fully aware of the totality of the problem. “Naming the Jew’ is a step that one must take PERSONALLY. That is not the same as doing that non stop SOCIALLY. It is a turn off. If you are overt about it. Be covert. Lead them there. And yes. Without them knowing you are doing it. This is a Game. They are already in a game and they do not know they are pieces on the chessboard. Guide them to the direction they should be in. You have to deconstruct a rigged game after all. Explain how all of the ‘side effects’ of ‘somebody’… Read more »

Neg and Dave, come on lads use your brains. I know it appeals to that inner child in you to believe in doctored news clips uploaded on youtube about 2/3 years after the 9/11 truth movement hit its peak but seriously…. everyone with a camera or camcorder in Manhattan was filming the towers after the first tower exploded. There are thousands of different bits of footage showing the second plane. Was it a passenger plane? No. By all accounts it was remote controlled with an explosive device attached to the under carriage.

You will be happy to know, there was no plane at the Pentagon.

Nice. Okay. I don’t want to go on and on about this but let me try and make a point here.

You say NO Plane at the P-Gone. No ‘Passenger’ Planes in NYC…TWICE.

Real plane gets ‘taken down’ by ‘passengers’ in Pennsylvania?

Here are the real questions for you.



Where did they go? The TV/Newspapers/Radio/Magazines/Movies all say that those people existed. Are they ALL in on it?

Also. BAL movement said in another thread to me… Thanks for pointing out how fucked Whites are. The reason I bring this shit up is because some of you do not really know how ‘fucked’ we are. This is not a demoralization attempt. Its a realization attempt. You can not fix something when you do not know the extent to which your opponent will go. They go there. They take us to the brink of sanity. ON PURPOSE. Its a tactic. A very strong military and psych warfare tactic. This entire world is based on Psychology. Yours. Your peers. Your family. Strangers. “But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the… Read more »
No Planes is for you to know personally. Not to blare out socially. It lets you know what your opponent is going to do in the future. Its a threshold, an impasse you must pass. To understand your enemy. They have a killer hand at cards. A ‘magic’ trick they can play when needed. Take the optimistic view if you have to. When they play that card it means they had to play it. Personally I think they just play it. They know ‘you’ guys are in a target audience. They design parts of the plans to target YOU. Roofy is a perfect example of this. Multiple TA’s. BAL movement is pushing the intended TA narrative for the ‘defense’ of your ‘movement’. Don’t listen to… Read more »
So you basically don’t like most if not all of the researchers who say Israel did 9/11? – You’ll find the reason why so many people were saying Israel did 9/11 was because two mossad agents were arrested with a truck full of explosives on the George Washington Bridge and the five dancing Israelis. The No Planes nonsense came quite late in the list of attempts to derail the movement, the Orb’s/UFO’s ‘theory’ had already been pushed and rejected. The consensus reality was in tact and the public were engaged when it was a simple case of showing them that two planes cannot destroy three steel framed buildings, we could show them lucky Larry and all the other links to an ‘inside job’, a zionist… Read more »