The Solar Storm: The People from Polar Eden (5-27-18)

Kyle talks to Heathen Vegan and another contributor about the importance of reinvigorating our pursuit of the past, constraints of cosmology, the promotion of “Out of Africa” origins, the evidence for a north-south migration, Hyperborea and Thule, the spread of symbols, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

Fascinating discussion – thanks Kyle, Shen & HV. The big give-away for me is how the jews get all their puppet leaders to slaughter our folk in endless wars fighting over middle lands, but are happy-clappy best buds regarding both polar regions. It’s all a Sham-bala!

Was Adm. Byrd telling the truth about coming across a green paradise beyond the south pole? Are the Northern Lights a vortex entrance to Hyperborea? Until we remove jews and have gov’t for the folk, we will have to keep pondering (& dreaming) on these subjects. Great show.


Thank you.


Very interesting discussion and so many avenues to further explore. I personally resonate with the polar eden theory. I would go as far as saying that we are at some point in the not to distant future going to witness a renewal or repeat of another birth of another Sun / Aryan culture, like rings in a tree or ripple in the water moving south…..the Gods of old and new. So much at this point seems to points at ‘ Them ‘ trying to prevent something from taking place or moving us far enough away from this event as so it will not have the impact it is meant to have. With OUR stolen legacy and history in tow and no Aryans left, the Jews… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Great show guys. I would have loved asking Shen what she thinks about Devin Madgy and the videos he has put out on his YouTube channel so far (check “Flat Earth Paradise” channel). Personally I think the guy is a Freemasonic gatekeeper with some kind of agenda. Among many things; anyone who goes about saying “I’m Hermes messenger of the Gods” should show clear red flags all over, but that is my opinion. I don’t know if there is an agenda to ridicule all this hidden history but that should not come as a surprise. As Charlie mentioned recently in one of his shows, the ancient scrolls which were not burned at the library of Alexandria, but were whisked away and hidden from public view,… Read more »


Thank you. Regarding Madgy, he strikes me as a gatekeeper as well. He does seem to have an agenda and it is not in the best interests of his supporters and viewers. As for the absconded scrolls and material from the library of Alexandria… Some believe a portion went first to Hagia Sophia (St. Sophia in Constantinople) then to Rome after the Crusade where Constantinople was attacked and sacked. The modern day Vatican’s library has over thirty miles of bookshelves: “Father Michael Collins is an Irish priest who’s written extensively about the Vatican. Where the library’s shelves – if you put them end to end – would stretch for 31 miles.” MSM can sometimes provide little gems of information. I’ve even heard it’s closer… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Thanks Shen 😉 I’ll take a look to the article for sure. I’ve been to Vatican City myself. What they have only in display to the public (the tip of tip of the iceberg) boggles the mind. Just as impressive as all those artifacts at the British Museum. These criminals have total monopoly on this information. That must change.


I am Spermes, messenger of the gods. That fucker is a total jew douchebag.


Oh my. I was wondering when I would finally stumble on someone claiming to be a God. Zero proof whatsoever (not even an attempt apparently) and no value in the videos either, just some highly crazed new-age bs. It’s so cringeworthy. He could be a mason of one of the dumbest branches but I’d go with fruitcake & scam artist. There are quite a few of these loonies, one claims to be Lucifer.


Jew. No more be said.


That is really the only criteria. Spot on. Trust NO jew.

Robert Heimdal

Great video Micha. The problem with this guy is not he being a “failed musician”. The problem is that he is a con-artist, most likely a Masonic/Satanic spook (or both things). He’s lost a lot of subscribers anyway. He has become quite irrelevant since his “supposed” failure at organizing that expedition to the North Pole.

Jeanne Rossow

Robert Heimdal, that’s fascinating about Alexandria


Hi Guys
Another interesting show delving into our ancient past. Just in case you are not familiar with him, may I suggest that you follow up on the work of the Austrian archaeologist Jurgen Spanuth, in particular his book Atlantis of the North. He talks in there about how various tribes from the northern lands moved south down into the mediterranean region, and probably became the “Sea Peoples” who attacked ancient Egypt. Also talks about the now submerged land around Heligoland in the North Sea which had been settled, prior to it being flooded in later years.
Thanks for bringing other authors to our attention which I had not heard of before!


Yes, Spanuth is absolutely worth reading but unfortunately I did not find anything in English from or about him yet, except one discrediting review.


I read Atlantis of the North about 25 yrs ago from a library edition. It’s probably out of print now, but was able to get a good used copy last year from Amazon for very little price. Last year read it again for 2nd time, made more sense with what I know now and seemed relative to the topics discussed. I can highly recommend it. There seemed to be more praise for it than against the last time I looked.


You are right. I did not search for the English title just for the author’s name:

24 Used from $6.39 1 New from $171.82 1 Collectible from $18.75


Kyle, when you mentioned possible origins from ice, these came to mind as somehow related:


You guys did an amazing job!! I am going to have to listen to this show a few times more. I am learning so much. The level of scholarship is astounding and delivered with so much humility and dignity. I say humility because we all know we’re delving into the unknown in terms of origins. But that anyone would dig so deep is a true testament to the commitment to undo the lies that “officialdom” has delivered. And in looking at that which is PROBABLE (as evidenced by fossils, flora, fauna, etc.) we unfold such rich and beautiful mysteries. Makes me wanna come from up there where vision and bravery set the standard for aesthetics and for survival. Echoing HV: To remember the ancestors is… Read more »


Regarding the world shape question, I’ve done some research into ways to definitively prove the curvature or lack thereof. I’ve negated tests using telescopes and lasers as refraction gets in the way. Using shadows is also a problem. We can’t use a light source that we cannot definitively prove is at a certain distance, and again, refraction and the structures above or lack thereof would skew observational proof. The only true test that can be performed is using a perfectly straight physical line compared to a long stretch of stationary water. The man who is preparing this test is setting it up such that: 1) A fishing line will be suspended under a controlled stretch of water, at least 2km in length. 2) the fishing… Read more »


The best thing to do is to remove the jew, thus allowing us the freedom to make Tesla ships and go and have a look for ourselves 😉

Ghost Man O; War

Sam, see star trail photog (still frame advanced on 5 min interval during 8 hour period) of north and south hemisphere pole region stars. It proves it without a doubt. it’s round. Watch them from all over the world. Consider the longitude and latitude of each location and it’s a lock. The equatorial star trail photography is perfectly consistent as well. One answer no one has ever answered for me though is considering the moon mission tells us that the max speed of the vessel traveled 24,000 mph. hahahah This is where I jam the “experts”. I get them to confirm this well advertised and admitted “fact”, I reel them in. I get them to tell me again the spew, the sun goes 500,000 mph… Read more »


I got quite close to the flat earth crowd on youtube and can tell you they are all jews behind it. It is quite a well organised operation too, international, and at least one of the individuals involved was a CGI character – not a real person at all. Another flat earther pretended to die then came back with a new identity and is still active, and he masks his face with CGI, a technique i tried to expose in a video and was warned not to publish. Even the people on the fringes of flat earth are jews, because i got friendly with them too and realised they were helping gate keep and discourage me from exposing the others. It’s a well organised israeli… Read more »


To me the fact that I personally and consciously witnessed the moment of the concerted massive kick-off of the FE theory hype on the web is proof enough that it is totally system initiated to discredit and ridicule free non-mainstream research. It all started when increasingly more people began to realize that the concave earth theory can explain many natural phenomena more logic and convincing than the “commonly accepted” theories, which are at least to a certain extent based on gematria and kabbalah, and did their own free research. The small German blog, which presented overwhelming evidence for the true nature of the earth was forced to shut down at this time with the usual silencing tools, because the owner was also a nationalist,… Read more »