The Solar Storm: The Sun Will Set on the Yiddish Empire (6-3-18)

Kyle starts off by talking about the Tank Tommy and his Chabad buddies, the “grooming gangs” of the EDL, and predators at the top of power. He then takes calls from Elena Haskins, Austin, and Frank about a number of issues, including the anti-women narrative pushed in White nationalism and how ineffective “leadership” has been.

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Anthony Roberts

It is not a black eye Renny. Charles is a good man, just plain wrong, in my opinion, on some certain issues like race and homo’s. His knowledge and research make him an asset for the network, but a target for jews.

My small stir the pot comment was a knee-jerk reaction to the thought of our women being forced into that disgusting & degrading lifestyle. We know how the “as long as it’s in private” mantra has been expanded by jews. A healthy society would never allow this conduct.

No, it’s poor Kyle who had the extra hassle of dealing with jews/agents trying divide us over a perceived weakness, in the comments. Please except my apology Kyle.

Foster XL

Well said as usual Anthony. I can’t say Charles is a good man as I don’t know him personally but yes he is wrong also in my opinion on those issues. However he does uncover some good stuff too & many of his shows have been worth a listen on that basis. I just like to think he’s a fallible human being like many of us – sometimes right, sometimes wrong but always keen to expose the truth & keep on adding to our knowledge.

Soapy Bigstorm

Great show. Really liked Elena chiming in.
Glad you don’t ever stray from your path.
Good points made about the hypocrisy of the Brits who have sleepily endured a parliamentary paedophilia parade but scream and wail when foreigners do it.

Nick Dean

Yes, Elena Haskins has interesting things to say and it’s good that Renegade welcomes her. She identified Jewish control of the source of money as one of three critical issues, and Switzerland this week has the chance of voting for a nationalized money system. The vote is on the 10th – perhaps if Kyle sees this he might consider re-posting one of the following articles (or another pro) at the Tribune?


Charles used to interview Travyon Martin’s lawyer, he also has promoted adoption of black babies. Giuliani has always been multiculturalist, just anti-jew and anti-christianity. I don’t understand why are you all so upset about.


Being multi-cultural is one thing. Defending someone who drugged women so he could fuck them is something else entirely. I can think of very few things more reprehensible than drugging a woman to get laid. Fucking pathetic. (That said, the whole Cosby story is ridiculous jew hoaxery. I never cease to be amazed that Charles falls for all these shit stories.)


Guiliani’s defense of Cosby was loathesome and disgraceful. Truly a black eye for Renegade.

Scott the Strategerist

Guiliani is the biggest star on Renegade. He could do a 10-part series on toenail fungus and Kyle would just have to put up with it!

Foster XL

That’s a pile of shit you’re spewing Scott. Renegade was going for years & got big by itself way before Charles was even taken on board. Get your facts straight ya hack!


I disagree with your summation.


Thank you very much for this interesting show. It’s good to hear sane men speak about women and I hope Elena will be back soon.


The boomer bashing in the alt-right is also a divisive tactic. It’s been somewhat effective too. There was a poll on twitter where someone asked the ages of people making pro-White tweets. She was surprised when almost 50% were over 40. She had expected a really young crowd and actually thought that people over 40 were ok with White genocide. It was an eye opener for her.


The parasitic insects that invented the term “toxic masculinity” didn’t do it to describe bad behaviour by men. They invented the term to demonize ALL behaviour by men that might cause THEM problems. It’s exactly like the word racist is used against Whites.

Rhys Day

Link to the video on Greville Janner if anyone was looking…

Heathen vegan

Great show, Kyle and guests. There needs to be more exposure of the pedophilia epidemic in the UK, especially that of the elites. They have acted with impunity for far to long. Re: Elena talking about pro white funding. I have lost count of how many so called leaders, or figureheads of what is called a “movement”, that seem to think their is money to be made. In my admitted limited efforts so far, it continues to cost me. I do not begrudge this at all, I am fully aware that this struggle is infantry more valuable than any monetary gain and am happy to do what ever I can. This being said though, if we are to move forward we are going to have… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Should of re read that and not just blurb, sorry for the typos and spelling errors.


I saw this comment on a youtube video discussion about Robinson being jailed: “Robinson is the manufactured distraction from Alison Chabloz.”

Scott the Strategerist

Hey, Kyle! I’m sorry you don’t like me, but what do you think of it coming out that Jesse Dunstan (((Dunstein?))) aka Seventh Son of TRS has an Asian/Mongoloid wife and children? On top of that, there is no evidence that (((Mike Enoch))) ever divorced his wife (((Ames Friedman))). If you don’t know about the Asian wife, she’s seen hiding in the back seat of Seventh Son’s car in the “Prep in the Car” episode of 23 May 2018. Here’s the link. I recommend you go there and watch and d/l before it gets scrubbed. Please read the comments first as they go into detail about when she appears in the video: If the video gets scrubbed, I have d/l’ed it as a video… Read more »


Broke: The media is attacking Donald Trump.

Woke: The media is attacking everything that Donald Trump represents.


Hit stop as soon he started to say women are our saviours, lol. Sorry Kyle, but all you do when you promote women is lower down men. White women are easily the worst and most vile women on the planet. Actually the sweetest revenge is to allow you to keep on promoting women, and then when the day comes and you are just 1 mangina and 5 silly hoes against a gang of raging invaders, you can then think hard about how foolish it was that women could save you. All my life all I ever see is beautiful women with black men or non-white men, and then white women wont even talk to white men. Unless they had their fill of chocolate cocks and… Read more »


You belong in Asia. Just take your wallet and the women there will love you long time. You won’t have to deal with White women anymore. Don’t worry there’s plenty of White men there already who think it’s cool to call some desperate third world whore their girlfriend or even wife. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.


Ben-tard is his real name 😀


He could be a fellow White person but he sounds like some losers I know who complain about the failings of “Western” women but think third world whores are marriage material. Somehow their logic got seriously screwed up. I’d love to know by what logic an average White woman is not marriage material but an ugly third world whore is.

The criticism of White women is actually valid in many cases but it applies equally to White men. Much more so when it comes to race mixing especially among alcoholics who seem particularly prone to yellow fever.


You mean he has far too few working brain cells (left) to realize that he is actively hasbaring?
Yes, that is the other option.

“Keep your fabulous white women, I would be done with Renegade but I like Charles show.”

No one is sad to see you go, whoever you are.

Foster XL

Actually sounds like just another stupid kike pretending to be white to me – nothing new here at all just paint-by-numbers jew crap. If it’s not then what a sad fucking excuse for a man in so many ways!


In all likelihood he’s just a fellow White person but there are some non fellow Whites out there that sound similar. I think it’s just justifying to themselves their lack of success with White women.


Bennard LoL, if you are trying to divide the genders here, you have got to come up with better than that cardboard box, sub run of the mill transparent weak sluice, jew rabbi cack than that. But gender division itself is a total jew tactic so there is no way you can sell a turd with enough sugar for us to not smell the shit beneath. I love watching jews fail themselves. I just urge the day it will be a terminal one.