The Solar Storm: Thomas Goodrich (5-10-15)


Kyle talks with author and historian Thomas Goodrich about the recently released Hellstorm documentary. Topics include: the massive response from the public so far, the biggest areas of historical contention, Russian losses, why people should buy the book, Tom’s new book Rape Hate, why this work is so timely, and much more.

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9 years ago

Ilyia Erenburg used to be a soviet Jewish poet, been thought in the soviet schools as a great soviet poet and author. He wrote every murderous word himself.

John M
9 years ago

Regarding Tom’s mention of the horrors of Nemmersdorf in October 1944 and the unwillingness of the average German civilian to believe Goebbels’ warning about the brutality of the approaching Soviets – I seem to remember that in David Irving’s ‘Hitler’s War’ he writes that up until this point, the German General Staff still believed that the Soviets would halt their advance at the pre-war East Prussian frontier. Sadly of course, this wasn’t the case.
Great show as always, guys – thank you.

9 years ago

Kyle asked Tom about the debate surrounding some of Ehrenburg’s more despicable quotations after I posed the question in the chat. Tom said he never heard any objections. He should maybe look into the following links and claims so that he can be ready when people discuss them. The following is what I had previously read, was looking at at the time and had in mind. “After criticism by Georgy Aleksandrov in Pravda in April 1945,[4] Ehrenburg responded that he never meant wiping out the German people, but only German aggressors who came to our soil with weapons, because “we are not Nazi” to fight with civilians.[5] He wrote already in May 1942 : “The German soldier with weapon in hand is not a… Read more »

9 years ago


so that he can* be ready

8 years ago

Awesome show. More Tom. Hellstorm I have been hammering online for the last few years since I first heard Tom on Deanna’s show. I need learn more about war strategies and what really happened. I say America lost WW II , so did England Russia and Europeans in general. What WW I and II looks like to me was the continuing communist invasion of Ghengis Khan and the mongolians hordes.

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