The Solar Storm w/ Kyle 6-22-14


Transforming the Truth Movement

Kyle is joined by Lee Rogers of to discuss the evolution and end of Oracle Broadcasting, the Jewish crime syndicate, the anti-White agenda, current events, and much more.

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6 years ago

Stay close to the mic, stop slamming drawers during the show.. It’s distracting.

I keep telling people, wait and see what you claim are extreme views I have, will be the norm soon. To be a true rebel you have our opinions. I nationalism, third reich being right, will be the new “hip”

6 years ago

Great show guys & definitely one to get others who are not-quite-there-yet to listen to. Really great to see Lee has “arrived in the same place” now (used to listen to his 3hr Oracle shows only after removing all the ads with mp3DirectCut whew! LOL!). Also the DailySlave headlines are a great addition to the Renegade front page – the site is really coming together now 😉

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