The Solar Storm w/ Kyle 6-8-14

Jesus 2.0

The triumphant return! Kyle discusses: the Aryan Christ, Christianity in the Third Reich, Lord and Savior Vladimir Putin, Rabbi felatio, and much more.

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6 years ago

“If you do not accept the FACT of talking donkeys, you are a HERETIC.”

Hahahaha. Love it.

Jorge A. Gracia
6 years ago

Hey Kyle , the show is not uploading, is it taking its time or what. ?

Jorge A. Gracia
6 years ago

Nice pick Jesus Hunt or Kyle Christ lol.

6 years ago

Great show, Kyle. Welcome back. You are the main spoke in the Renegade Wheel. You are the BEST. Keep up the good work, comrade.

6 years ago

Great show!

6 years ago

Kyle, when I referred to the Internet as the Second Coming of Christ, I did not mean that literally. Only in the sense that “Christ” means “TRUTH”.

6 years ago

I’m still waiting for my email from god R..

6 years ago

Great to hear your voice again Kyle. Take care brother!

Alexander (from Flanders)
6 years ago

Very happy to see both Dana and Kyle return.

6 years ago

I don’t listen to or talk about Mediterranean race based religions anymore they have as much in common with me as central African type religions . They have very little to with Almost pure Whites & the white race in general, they are for Med. race peoples , Not White race peoples North of the Alps.

6 years ago

Great show. Thank you so much for your voice of reason. You are so well spoken. Thank you for being here.

6 years ago

Dude kyles back and i love it. Gonna catch these shows like hot bread.

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