The Solar Storm: Year in Review & Imminent Resurgence (12-27-15)

sun flare

Kyle reviews some of the happenings on Renegade and the world at large in 2015 and looks ahead to our great revival in 2016. New call-in number: (747) 222-8807

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Lawrence Forthright
4 years ago

Excellent show as always.
Thank you.

4 years ago

Hey Kyle Ive been listening to you for about 5 months now and you are a true hero of our people. You really are motivating me to want to do more. Ive been involved in the movement for several years now but I am a young guy (27) and this earth has taken a lot from me even in the short years Ive been alive. But, Im a straight, thinking on my feet guy. Unfortunately drug use has made my life tough a struggle, but here I still stand atleast anyway. I really really thought you were onto something when you spoke of the “totem” of different animal archetypes. I personally rescue guinea pigs and rabbits from the local shelter and have always felt that… Read more »

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