The Unity Hour w/ Mike Sledge 3-1-14

Mike gets on the air before the Roundtable as a call to unity. It’s more of a Unity Half Hour, but that wouldn’t have sounded as good for the title.

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Great Intro “music” !!!



Great ending tune and everything said during the show

Alexander (from Flanders)

Mike The Sledgehammer is on fire. 🙂

I was kinda worried after Mike’s heavy critique of the Bugs people, Caroline Yeager and others. Good to hear that it was just an emotional thing. I salute you Mike!

Keep on trucking, dude!


I always listen to three Renegade shows and Mike’s is one of them, as somebody else said he deserves a wage for this. I am not bothered about his dislike of Yeager as she ain’t my cup of tea either. Mike you are an enigma!


I’m a BUGSer, and I like your show. I am not offended by jokes/satire/disagreement. In fact, satire is an awesome asset for our people. The White Man March was a huge success because the Lamestream Media dumbasses had to go and cover it. They could not resist! They seeded the meme among millions of our Folk. The most important thing is that we FIGHT this war, and right now it IS propaganda. I’ve thought about getting a mic and ranting some myself. I, for one, am not bothered by the debate in the slightest. Debate is very WHITE. P.S. I am an asshole, too! LOL, no big deal. People like you have the balls to actually make fun of the bastards ruining our lands and… Read more »