The White Wellness Hour: Carnivorous Conundrums, Ojas, Jost Turner and The Aryan Kriyas (2-21-19)

Tonight Tabitha talks about the rising trend of the carnivore diet, the ojas and how we can strengthen our vitality with food and lifestyle, recipes for male and female virility and starts off a reading of Jost Turner and The Aryan Kriyas.

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In Tolkien’s LOTR trilogy he writes that the blackest deed of the dark lord was in corrupting the Elves into Orks. To take something so pure, which has evolved into near perfection over timeless epochs and pervert it into the ugly and the crass, is perhaps the greatest sin against creation. Tabitha, that’s how I see what you described as “Rage Yoga,” a total corruption of what is good, clean, pure, and has worked as an anecdote for suffering humanity for many, many millennia. The term “rage yoga” is in itself an oxymoron, for yoga is unity and harmony, and not unity with your unprocessed rage, but with your higher self and with Source. These people have misplaced their process and need to bring it… Read more »


When I saw her, I thought, girl, you’re gonna outgrow this…makes me glad the ‘net wasn’t around when I thought I was a bad-ass.

Tabitha Wolfram

Indeed me too. When I went through that phase, social media was in its infancy.


It’s still astounding to me, the things we can believe when we’re young and pretty much wide open. Anything to go in the opposite direction of what we hate, what we see doesn’t work, what repeatedly dishes out disappointment. We are at the mercy of our evolution, and mistakes are such a big part of that. It doesn’t help that there are so many dangling carrots beckoning us to come hither and explore what has not yet been explored. And there, with hearts that just want to feel valued and fulfilled, is found every side-road offering, all manner of perversion and deception, and only when, after much investment and self-denial does one realize it’s all not working, and questioning starts. For some it’s too late,… Read more »


This is such a disgusting thought, but it’s been on my mind and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If things continue on down the path with no change, then labeling oneself vegan will make one a targeted individual. In China, citizens are pulled off the streets, arrested and profiled with their blood drawn and vital stats for the sole purpose of future organ harvesting. We already know that that is the case in Palestine, only they just shoot on sight rather than arrest, and I’m sure this kind of shit goes on in many other countries, and I don’t doubt for a second that it goes on here in the USSA either. Scientific revelations show a vegan diet keeps one healthier, stronger, happier… Read more » — “Basic Meditation Technique: Hong Sau” I was going to mention Jost Turner in the comments of one of your past shows. It’s great that you came across him. I never personally trusted individuals like Pierce, Rockwell, Lane, etc as I think, to a degree, they’re all either sketchy or full blown controlled. A lot of Jost’s work is suppressed intentionally for that purpose, I believe. I have a few of Jost’s articles on Kriya Yoga but the booklets are impossible to find. I’ve personally been looking for over a year now to no avail. There was a guy in Sweden named Tom Ryden or something like that who, in the late 90s/2000’s, republished some of Jost’s writings on his old website. I used… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

Wow thanks so much for sharing this. I went through a phase where I really liked Rockwell and many of his talking points. I even found him equally humorous and articulate, but always wondered how he was able to lecture at colleges like Brown University without it being shut down immediately. I too have been looking for info on Jost for over a year with no avail. I find it difficult to put trust in any NS related group that doesn’t value health or spirituality.

“I find it difficult to put trust in any NS related group that doesn’t value health or spirituality.” That’s virtually all of them which is why I personally don’t identify with any of these labels. IMO, so much infiltration and damage that I really want no association with. Which is why I resonate more with someone like Jost. The focus on spirituality, fitness, and health/wellness will be much more potent that “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong!”, for instance. Rockwell’s interview with Playboy magazine was telling for me. First off, why even entertain the offer in the first place? Secondly, he used the platform to be obnoxious and hostile to the interviewer (who I believe was Black) for no real reason. It just came across as someone… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

In regards to Rockwell, his use of the word Nazi was a huge turn off for me. No real NS person would refer to themselves or their people as “Nazis.” This clip is also telling as he was a proponet of the gassing lie it seems:


Thank you for all of the great info on diet and health. Have you thought of writing a book?

Tabitha Wolfram

Yes I have and get asked this question quite often. I was going to start by authoring a cookbook; perhaps with nutritional wisdom weaved in.


A lot of interesting info you share about diet. I’ve just got to remember to write it down. Good shows.

mike angelo

Thanks Tabitha, Where I do hot yoga there’s a married couple who eat just meat and no veggies. The guy just drinks beer. Or so he tells me “plenty of beer”. His gut is so fat that he wears a t/shirt in the hot yoga studio to cover his huge belly. I heard recently that his poor wife now has a serious illness. Some of the yogis there follow a raw veg diet. But I didn’t get on well with that. For me the whole food starch/plant based diet works for me. With no oil. Regarding the carnivore diet and the rage yoga. It seems to me that it will have it’s roots in Satanism. They like to promote the opposite of what is really… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

I once overheard two beer bellied buffoons at the hot yoga studio that I go to sometimes chatting about how high in sugar watermelon was. And I had eaten an entire cantaloupe for breakfast that morning.

Reminds me of the people I come across on a weekly basis who are cutting carbs completely out of their diet. One woman, who I know, I tried to tell her how essential carbs are and she just didn’t get it.

Tabitha Wolfram

It’s really unfortunate that people have developed a guilt complex in regards to eating what is optimal. The average person can be fooled into pretty much anything that is detrimental these days. I believe the more deracinated a person is, the more of a guilt complex they will have and the easier it is for them to be lead astray. Falling for despicable guilt ridden lies such as christianity and the holohoax only further makes them into absolute prey.