The Wild Hunt: S.C. – The Mythical Light from the North (6-5-18)

Kyle fills in as host and speaks to S.C. about a wide variety of topics related to the racial history of the world and the importance of preserving blood and soil, then they get into the mythical, spiritual, and supernatural elements of the struggle.

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Before listening to this brilliant broadcast, i spent 15mins walking bare foot on my back lawn, sipping organic tea, enjoying our warm morning sun, the real music from birds, and giving my thanks to the mighty oak nearby. It felt like a soothing massage (message?) from our gods – AMAZING!! I still think the jews are mocking the true myth in the film Avatar. A race of giant spiritual warriors, fighting to save their people, land and sacred tree. Of course they have swapped White Aryans for the Blue navi race, and make Whites the evil greedy miners, polluters and destroyers; who in this world are jews. They even signal their trans-human & AI agenda with the disabled soldier becoming a crypto-giant. The jew can… Read more »

You’re welcome. Your comment reminds me of what the Japanese call Shinrin-Yoku, forest bathing. Being in nature does reenergize you!

Forest bathing? Thanks for metioning the term as I am calling it forest showering since long. I did not know that this term exists.

Haven’t listend to the show yet but will surely do asap.

Yes. Even in greater Tokyo you will find people seeking out trees and nature wherever they can. It is calming when done right.

Outstanding guest! This is why I still listen to at least the beginning of every podcast. Some shows are not for me but shows like this are like Mothers Milk. I know all too well about the disappearing books from Libraries, as I am now battling my small town Librarian to have access to the original collecting which has been put in the basement. I know what is down there as the previous librarian let me take these old gems home when they where upstairs in a special room. All of the topics you covered where close to my heart and personal experience. I studied ancient medicine in Germany with a true Green man and also have experience with astral travel, though I have stopped… Read more »

Thank you for your kind words! As you already know, this is a topic more people should know about and discuss. When one engages with nature, they can truly begin to learn about genuine spirituality, this reality and have a better sense of purpose in life. When I learned about neural therapy and how the Germans pioneered this technique back in the early 1900s, I was saddened (and angry) at the thought about how far they could be today if the two world wars hadn’t been foisted upon them. Everyone benefits from advances such as these.

Keep fighting your local librarian! It is really a shame how knowledge is being removed from most public outlets. They are trying to do it quietly.

Fantastic show and guest !

Thank you.

Great show, Kyle and SC

Every single subject i wanted to jump in on, luckily for you guys I went to bed early, or I would of had to call in.

Thank you! That would’ve been fun.

Excellent show. I agree, hearing your conversation was a breath of fresh air. I listened at least twice, and the full length also. I often get dragged into dispair thinking and witnessing what has become, and will continue so long as the mass population remains so disconnected. I do believe they have upped the frequency in the destruction of the spirit via this whole “flat screen world”. I have noticed more so in the past few years, it seems like the folks I knew who still watch tellavision, have brains that are just about liquified, but harden instantly when triggered. I have been going to my local library for the last few years and buying up a library full of old books every time I… Read more »

Really great to hear Elena Haskins again too, even if it was only for 15 minutes!
I know I am not the only one that would love to hear her voice more often too!
I do get inspired to call in, but am afraid I don’t have anything positive or nice to say.. my response to the insincere “how are you” about town has become brutally honest – “I am disappointed with pretty much everyone” .. Also I haven’t been able to catch live shows due to life circumstances.
Many thanks to all the supporters, commenters, and hosts at Renegade.
Your work and contributions are invaluable.

Thanks. Yes, removing older books from circulation pertaining to history is the goal. Once removed, people can easily be fed lies in place of real events. Also, libraries across the US have been hit hard by budget cuts. It’s one of the few places where you can have free internet access and access to knowledge without having to pay.

Iceland may well be a special bastion of unrelenting strength. They got rid ofthe international banks and nationalised them. Now they are literally a free country operating off their own produce and self sustainability.

Wonderful wealth of information dear SC. Such a refreshing guest! Great show Kyle and SC. Many thanks!

Thank you.

Maybe someone can clarify exactly what RH- is/means…
My understanding is that it is just the opposite of the + blood types, A, B, AB and O.. So that means A-, B-, AB-, and O- are all classified as RH-?
For some reason my brain wants to find a more complex answer, is it really that simple?

If anyone has any links to share about the RH- topic – I would love to know!
I know you have a lot on your plate Kyle, but whenever you get to that RH- show … Well, I’ll be waiting!
Thanks again for all your hard work.

They want us to think we came out of Africa, out of the black hole simian lineage, but we came from the north and polar eden. I see a kind of mirror to the body and what you were talking about with the chakras, keeping us in the Lower / Base. I’d love to hear SC again soon.

Weaponized DNA testing — using it to further white genocide agenda. A black dude finds out he’s got Eastern Euro ancestry! An Icelandic guy is put in his place and more in this totally Not staged commercial for weaponized migration.

Kyle triggered me a little in the last 15mins. Cloning? Come on! You cannot duplicate a person or living animal. It is impossible. To make a baby you need semen and the mother’s egg, and that must take place in the mother’s womb. To believe you can take a blood or saliva sample and recreate that person is nonsense. But as we know the nature of the enemy is to make itself look more big and powerful than it actually is. Reflected in the myth Thor and Loki’s visit to Utgard, the Giant city.
Atoms too are fake, search for images of them and you find the star of David made of atoms in CGI. Just throwing that out there for y’all!

They create test tube babies and cross animals in labs all the time.
The “first” batch of so called “cloned” kids graduated high school probably ten years ago.. It was news for half a second, and not the cover story, then never to be heard again.
Something like twelve kids that were dispersed across America and no one even knew about it.
They might not have been exact clones of anyone in particular, but that’s the point, these freaks, try as they might, will never be Gods.
They cannot be anything or anyone other than what they are – scum.

Where were you for Dolly the sheep? On an island?

If you don’t think that kind of sick mentality + technology exists, then your not paying attention.

Dolly the sheep was just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine what they’re not showing.

You can believe cloning is real if you like, but in the same way only a spider can make web, and only a bee can make honey, only a species can reproduce another species. If we can clone people / animals from saliva or blood, then surely we can make honey from pollen, and spider web which is stronger than steel from flies. Some things are simply impossible. As for the sheep Dolly – nice choice of animal there. They could have used a rabbit, or a mouse, but they chose a sheep. Interesting decision for this media event. It’s my understanding that a baby grows when semen enters an egg inside a womb. But somehow you can take spit and grow it into a… Read more »
I hear what your saying, but don’t be so naive. I understand that the enemies of life want to appear more powerful, more capable, and more in control than they really are. Kudos though for realizing your not smart enough to be a science nutcase. Me neither. I just know that (((their))) tendencies and proclivities are anything but normal or natural, and they are genociding pretty much all life in ways we can’t understand or see directly. Very graphic pizzagate related images towards the later half, but in the first part of this blog are quite a few strikingly similar faces, although they are all different ”people”. It is very strange to me how many celebrities look so much alike, at the same time now,… Read more »
Notice I used the word scientism. Scientism is fake science, usually involving theories. The origin of man and earth – the correct scientific answer is no one knows. We can have beliefs and theories, but the honest scientific answer is we do not know and anyone claiming to know is talking nonsense. People do look alike, Joseph Gordon Levitt in the film The Walk looks the spitting image of one of my previous friends. They don’t look too similar otherwise, but how he was made up in that movie – you’d swear it was my old friend, and he too was from the tribe. What is the sun? How far away is it? This is another unknowable but people firmly believe “science” has the answers.… Read more »

Thank you for your valuable comments, Vegtam.
My sentiments almost exactly.

E. g. Calculate the distance to the Sun (where is the Sun?)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s a shame how many people listen, but don’t have anything to add.

“I understand that the enemies of life want to appear more powerful, more capable, and more in control than they really are.”

Absolutely! 😀 I also appreciate your comments very much, Amber.