Truth Hertz: 666 Symbology (7-19-16)

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Charles goes through many different instances of 666 showing up in logos, popular culture, and other crafted constructions, including a discussion on the mark of the beast.

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4 years ago

i remember when i was working for a sign writing company making real estate signs and a big real estate company here l j hooker made a visit, the big wigs turned up in a stretch limo with the number plate ljh 666, needless to say i kept my distance.

Reply to  jewbanker
4 years ago

Real Estates are using Migrant influx for profit with new housing apartments etc.

4 years ago

carbon atom: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons….

4 years ago

There is no “prophecy”, this is all a LOOONG term plan, made to look like some kind of supernatural manifestation. Not to mention the “prophets” that popped up to give away their predictions, and garner lots of fame and recognition from the masses for their divination talents. More joozish self aggrandizement and money making, to harvest attention from the gasping, and beguiled masses, of which they are the attention whores again.

4 years ago

Ah, watch the movie “In Time”, is this a revelation of the “plan”?

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