Truth Hertz: 9/11 Predictive Programming & Historical Jewish Advisers (9-13-18)

Charlie talks about all the references to the 9/11 event before it even happened, takes a lengthy call about 9/11 activism and the shills, then gets onto the topic of jews who have advised powerful people in history.

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If you want more jewdo, an Indian company has overtaken PewDiePie for the #1 youtube position. Manipulated, oh of course. Can’t have a White man in #1 poz and I wondered how he lasted that long, dont forget that kike NEVER plays fair and straight: got to stuff shitskin in every pole position and everywhere us and out children look, so we see nothing but niggers everywhere. Apparently they are getting millions of subs per day, but come on, how easy is it to fake that? Yes, the war against the White man again is the premise. I never much cared for PDP but I see the bullshit when it comes.


Interesting discussion of Dennis Cimino allegations/theories….


Reposted to other show – sorry


Dr. Edward Spencer, a retired neurologist, has a very different idea on who the controller of the jews is. Since I woke up to the menace of the jew, I have had many questions about Yahweh, the sky fairy. So much of it just didn’t add up. Now, with the work of Dr. Spencer, it’s all beginning to make perfect sense.

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Bow to your overlords meatbag!

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