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7 years ago

Would be interesting to create a chart by flight of names of people scheduled to fly that didn’t go. Broken down by occupation, reason for not being on flight and date of cancellation.

Nick Dean
Reply to  Jmcaul
7 years ago

I agree. Go to CG’s uncited source: At first run I’d say the chart or essay is best constructed, to best keep attention of the reader: First occupation to list: The suspicious number of celebrities Second: The suspicious number of flight personnel Third: The suspicious number of defense industry specialists Fourth: a flight by flight breakdown including all the above. If you go fully comprehensive, you’ll want to find out how often celebrities are on flights from New York or to L.A. Flight steward forums is the obvious source. That’s the place to go for how often those people throw a work shift, unless MSM has reported a particular googlable issue. **** Boil it down. CG’s series could be a fifteen minute read or… Read more »

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