Truth Hertz: Absurdities of the Texas Church Massacre (11-8-17)

Charlie talks about the many absurd accounts of what happened with the supposed Texas church massacre carried out by Devin Kelley. He then talks about the murder of Corey Haim and how Corey Feldman is not the angel he is portraying himself to be.

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6 years ago

CG is right on, there were basically NONE of these things for the first 90% of my life; now we get them non-stop … I ask my pals why, they say, “terrorists” … I just shake my head and give up.

Why didn’t Germany, Japan, Nam, Korea, etc., storm into the USA and get even for all the murders the USA rained on them? Keep grazing, the unawake.

Reply to  karma
6 years ago

That’s a good point, but let me play Devil’s advocate here. The level of degeneracy and violence in the media and the lack of a strong father in the home must play a part in this. SSRI anti-depressants and the increase in mental illness are also a factor. I think the more exciting Hollywood movie explanation is the conspiracy angle.

James V
Reply to  Nate
6 years ago

Nice try Schlomo. We know it’s mossad created media hoaxes. Shill harder next time.

Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

Loved when Kyle came in and mentioned the ears! I also noted this was the first pic spread on the Adam lanza construct wannabe, then the “more sinister” ones took its place.

6 years ago

(F)Earless Divine Church Frequenter?

In many cases Kelly is an Anglicisation of the Irish surname Ó Ceallaigh (IPA [oːˈcal̪ˠiː]), which means “descendant of Ceallach ” or it can also mean warrior or fighter. The personal name Ceallach has been thought to mean “white-headed”, but the current understanding is that the name means “FREQUENTING CHURCHES”, derived from the Irish ceall.

Devin is an English-language masculine given name. It is of dual origin, from the surname Devin, which is an anglicization of the Irish patronymic Ó Damháin, and from a nickname based on Old French devin “DIVINE” ( Latin dīvīnus).

Reply to  >Liv
6 years ago

Nice info, Liz! Thanks!

Reply to  karma
6 years ago

I think you meant “Liv.”


6 years ago

All around the city I live, the flags are flying at half-staff for the “victims” of the Texas church “shooting.” I am so embarrassed of my fellow “goy.” They truly will fall for anything.

6 years ago … here is the hero’s interview, listen at 8:25 for a minute…. he talks about this remarkable shot thru the Kevlar, then in his other interviews he doesn’t mention it and says he doesn’t know if he even hit him.

6 years ago

This is also a very female look to the person in the photograph.

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