Truth Hertz: Akhenaten the Kosher King (3-22-18)

Charlie starts by relaying some interesting things about our “founding fathers” and then continues with the topic of ancient Egypt and how Akhenaten was used to bring back the dominance of the Hyksos heebs with a new monotheistic religion.


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What an excellent show. This information is far more damning to the entire judeo-christian false construct than I think is recognized here. In all fairness, CG has stated he does not read his comments so that may be why his comment sections are so empty. This is a shame. He has so much of relevance to share.


I accidentally clicked thumbs down but meant thumbs up.

I am surprised at the paucity of comments on this show. It was truly brilliant.

I have a playlist I created for anyone that is interested tracing them from Egypt to today. I will link it. In the comments of the videos I discuss the trail/connections etc for those that want to look into each particular “race”/topic/identity they have assumed


Isn’t Islam also a Jewish construct?

Killer of Trolls

This clears up so much mystery about Egypt and the Jews. Akenaten ; strong bull. I wonder if this is where the term bull shit comes from. The Jews are the originators of bullshit since the dawn of time. They project what they are onto others and play the victim. Then they control the history books and media to make sure their lies override true history. Now you see why there is no Egyptian record of Moses and the parting of the red sea, because it never happened. They have been pulling the same parasitical crap for thousands of years.


This is an interesting topic from a number of different levels. Sigmund Freud theorized in Moses and Monotheism that Moses ripped Judaism as one God right from Akhenaton which would bank with your theory, and the hyksos being a semitic usurper tribe has always made me wonder. Also, we know the Jews stole much of there stories from various earlier sources, Noah and the flood almost directly plagiarized from the epic if Gilgamesh, but also Moses was found floating down a river just like the origin myth of Sargon of Akkad. Also, you have the ancient alien theory of akhenaton with the elongated skulls, perhaps a tie in to the whole Jews are in a covenant bloodline as some kind of hybrid alien race, the… Read more »

Chris H

Hope you are well Dana


Great show. Looking forward to next Wed show.


Don’t Jews also worship Saturn and other deities?