Truth Hertz: Aleister Crowley, The Business of Black Magic & JonBenét Ramsey (1-5-17)

Charles finishes up some notes from yesterday and then gets into Aleister Crowley, who is so believed by the pop culture establishment and political elite. Then he discusses some of the strangeness surrounding the JonBenét Ramsey murder.

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free your mind
7 years ago

Wow, great show, can’t wait for Part 2, good info from call-in as well.

7 years ago

In 1981, I had access to cable TV and I used to read the TV guide and pick out shows that looked interesting and if I was around I would watch them.
The TV was not in the center of the house and when shows were over I turned the stupid thing off and left the room.
In the 2nd week of May 1981, the movie Foul Play was scheduled to air.
This movie is about a plot to assassinate the pope.
That week on May 13th, someone did try to assassinate pope John Paul the second, so the movie was not shown in respect to the pope and Harlem nights with Bill Cosby was played in its place.
I passed

Killer of Trolls
7 years ago

These satanic Jews can eat s bag of baby Dick’s. Michael Aquido and Aleister Crowley can scissor each other!!

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