Truth Hertz: All About Alex Jones (11-2-17)

Well, actually it’s not all about Jones. First Charlie wraps up the notes about Ken O’Keefe and then gets into all of the former associates of Alex Jones who have come out against him.

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Charlie nailed it about both Ken O’Keefe and Alex Jones. He’s really one of the best.

Scott the Strategerist

Charlie, the New World Order is a Germanic death cult that wants to kill poor African children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could you NOT know this? Unless… you’re one of them!!!!!!!!!!


I thought they were Reptilians from the planet Zenu. Oh wait, that’s the other professional bullshit artist. Whatever they are, they’re definitely not Jewish.

J. Alexander Maximilian

No way! Jews are the greatest philathropists of ALL TIME!!!


The Arabs run Hollywood!

Rollie Quaid

Alex Jones in 2017 says it was the Communist Chinese not the Communist Jews.

And Harvey Weinstein was ejected by the Chinese and not the Mossad run Xenu worshippers.

Notice Alex’s new host Jack Posobiec says he is Naval Intellegence.


that one made me laugh most when i heard it, right before the so called german deathcult lol


Yes, they donate trillions to each other, such generosity!


I thought it was the vatican assassin freemasonic globalist illuminati…

Allison MacPherson

When Jews detect that something associated with them has become problematic they quickly form satellite dissent movements: they are first to oppose themselves. When Capitalism was identified as a Jewish problem, Marx was first to offer a coherent alternative. Once Palestine emerged as an acknowledged Jewish problem, a Jewish solidarity industry (JVP-Jewish Voice for Peace, IJAN-International Jewish Anti-Zionist, Mondoweiss, IJV-Independent Jewish Voice) formed to dominate the opposition discourse on Israel. The intellectual debate on Zio-con immoral interventionist wars has been reduced in mainstream to an internal Jewish debate between Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky. I expect soon we’ll see Jews leading the fight against sexual predatory behaviour in Hollywood.


Very good observation!

Soapy Bigstorm

Woo doggie! Always best to use his shill buddies and their words to expose the Fat Man. You’re right…he didn’t change. He was always a lying shill. FYI…jack blood came out against Jones years ago. Jones tried to enlist Blood in a campaign to “crush” competing twoofer hosts. Blood is a phone as well.
Here’s an AH cartoon to troll the Fat Man’s site with. Use it as you wish…
comment image


That picture is 100% gross…..but 100% accurate, too.

Soapy Bigstorm

Thank you.


Jack blood is probably one of the most obvious shills out there. I’m sure it was motivated by jealousy


Looks like an out of work father taking his daughter to school lol


Please spread this video. The time is right to hit them on the child abuse angle


sound quality is so poor – wish Charles would use a decent microphone

Rollie Quaid

Donate him one. RB hosts aren’t rich.