Truth Hertz: All Hail Father Abraham! (6-10-19)

Charles comments on our current state of affairs and then gets into his revelations about good ol’ Father Abraham, who is quite a despicable character, spawning the Abrahamic plague upon the Earth.

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The jewish influence over Arabs did not start with Muhammed. The first migration of jews to Arabia is said to date back to the time of the first temple and later centuries waves of new jewish migration followed after the sacking of Jerusalem and the survivors of the Bar Kochba rebellion. They’ve been in Arabia long enough to establish a very powerful presence there, so powerful that in pre-Islamic times, there were actual jewish kingdoms in Arabia. They had infiltrated and taken over the Himyarite Kingdom were they established a jewish monarchy. Abu Karib Asad (most likely a crypto), the king of Himyarite Kingdom ”converted” to Judaism and propagated Judaism on his subjects. From there Judaism started to become widespread among different Arabic tribes in… Read more »

Troll Slayer

When are Europeans gong to realize these Abrahamic middle eastern cults have nothing to do with us? This alien desert cult slave religion has been forced upon us to make us weak, capiticilating, cultureless pacifists. Europa was great and moral with Paganism. Hail Odin and death to Yahweh!!!


I wonder, did Abraham’s son forgive him for almost slitting his throat?


The jews were expelled 1030 times since 1200 BC.

Video from vasili69 on bitchute.