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7 years ago

Loving Charles’ rubbing it in your face attitude.
People won’t get it until you slap ’em on the back of their heads and force them to look at this shit.

It’s like dog training, when you grab your dog’s by the neck and rub his own shit in his face, when he shitted in your living room.

7 years ago

Strategic Bombing also included the idea of herding those fleeing to Dresden (people thought they would not bomb because it wasn’t a Military Industrial location but full of the arts etc) which they left till last, because, not only this, … on September 11 1882, there was an Anti-Judaic Conference held in Dresden (Titled: “A threat to Christian Nations”) !

7 years ago

Finally! You mention your boss’s film Hellstorm. But…not from your “notes” eh? Thanks to Shawn. I’m not impressed. I have NO respect for you Potty Mouth

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