Truth Hertz: Another Heartbreak for the Gullible Goyim (2-15-18)

Charlie discusses some of the evidence coming out about this recent school shooting, and how damn absurd it is.


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I almost forgot. This is the anniversary of the real holocaust……
Dresden. Hey, jews, FUCK YOU!!!

Never forget.


If I forgive the jew, then I might as well be one. That will never happen.

Fotos of Dresden commemoration taken by anti-German system minions: More current info in the last Dresden article on Renegade Tribune.

addendum: in the comment section

Kyle is right. Parkland does have a huge jew-fuck population. With a population of only a little over 31,000 people, the city has 24 synagogues! Can you imagine how much mutilated baby jew dick has been sucked in that town? These “people” do not belong in a civilized society.,+FL&start=0&cflt=synagogues

The Jews are taking down all the TRUTHERS off YT … not a single hoax video made on this Boca BS … a year ago there’d have been 10+ … my channel was nearly terminated…. there needs to be an alternative to JewLube

Okay I take that back … I just watched JewRassics 5 part series, brilliant!

What happened in Boca? To my knowledge, Boca Raton and Parkland are at least an hour away from each other.. Both infested with chabad rats.

Jewrassic Liars is a Christ-tard, but he hates the jew butt-pluggers with a passion. Having watched over 250 of his videos I can attest that his hoax code is indeed seen over and over in all the ridiculous jew hoax stories. This video will no doubt be taken down soon as the JewTube butt-pluggers are taking down all of his videos on this subject as well as other channels’ videos exposing this obvious hoax.

It has been taken down already! For violating jooToobz policy on harrassment and bullying. Awww the joo is feeling bullied boo hooooooo. See now they use euphemisms and false labelling now to censor any truth about the jew.

The sick joke is that Valentines day is a semetic holiday based on their shyte saints. Originally the month Febura held the festival of Lupercalia based on being a festival on fertility & love in Rome. On research the true meaning of Lupercalia to Romans was actually their start of Spring which fits the lover fertility theme. The festival did turn into degenerate shenanigans if we are to believe ‘revisionists/historians’ most of which are controlled by jewish manipulated paleontology. I’m going somewhere with this. Emperor Claudius II executed men named Valentine on Feb. Their ‘martyrdom’ (semetic based sacrifice) was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. So anyone being christ tard aware, especially against the catholic church would rather piss… Read more »

Ps: Just because it’s staged, dosn’t mean people wernt hurt & regardless it is being used as a sacrifice. The noses love their movies…

I have yet to see any credible evidence of people being truly hurt or murdered. I’m actually surprised they don’t kill people in all these events. What a perfect way for the jew butt-pluggers to take out a few “goy” I have yet to see any of these crisis act-whores crying real tears. Any person I’ve ever seen in my life who’s lost a family member or friend or pet has cried very real tears. With all these hoax stories, I never see tears.

regardless of the evidence, it’s still bull anyway Renny. It’s just I walked away disabled for life from an attack in 2012 & I had either people who thought attacks like mine ‘were all fake’ or people saying not all muslims & treating me like a leopar because I didnt fit the fantasy of what they thought their world was with the we are alone PC stuff. Whilst the muslim walked away without even a infringement & I was the one who ended up be both silenced by media & in a legal 4 year battle with the government which I eventually had to quit or be sent mad with all the deliberate gas lighting. As a survivor I ended alone at a time I… Read more »

edit *we are all one* not we are alone lol … oops sorry

the above edit was regarding original reply. People who know me know I dont think we are all one claptrap..

Veganance, you are correct. Either way, it most definitely is all jew bullshit.

Gets bloody tiring, sick of the parasites.

Renny, your statement here has been the word-for-word dialogue in my mind since this latest upchuck transpired. I have no reason to believe anyone was even mildly poked, let alone shot dead with a 15. Show us the proof – come on, you do it all the time with other stuff, being oh sooo careful to blur out the potentially offensive and/or traumatizing footage, correct? so what’s the problemo?? Oh, I see, taking your ball & going home again, back to the lair to draw up the next scheme {insert evil kosher cackle here}.

Of course, this will come as a surprise to no one here: The “Goy”FundMe account for the fake jew shooting is starting to rake in the shekels.

Florida high school infested with jew rats.

These three creatures are bizarre in the extreme. Not one bit of this has the slightest hint of authenticity.

What are you a conspiracy theorist? Just because these kids are closely following pending gun control legislation doesn’t make them bizzare. The fact they are so unemotional while the bodies of their supposed classmates are still cooling down in the morgue means nothing. They could just be in shock.

You really should show more compassion to the victims of this tragedy. Which in this case is all the poor suckers who believe it to be real.

National Hoax Awards. Cracked me up.

In this video you see a piece of shit jew fuck-tard at a funeral wiping away tears that most definitely are not there. Also, the “Goy” Fund Me is now over $1,000,000.


wahhhhh, removed for hate speech. almost sorry i scrolled down far enough to read this. mere minutes after hearing of this latest staging of false flag fuckery my mind drifted to the sheckles aspect of what the gofundme thing may drum up. so who in the hell gets this money? even if any of these kids were killed, which I have yet to see or hear anything to lead me to believe even for one second this is indeed the case, there would be no need for a gofundme page, as this did not happen in the ghetto & if anything those 24 gogues would have no problem covering the cost of lavish funerals for all. i am outraged and frustrated like hell I can’t… Read more »

“so who in the hell gets this money?” Rhetorical question, I guess?
I doubt the sums I see online, serious fiat money, duping the “dumb goyim” into donating more and more and more and ……………… (eternity).

Liv, it’s not so much to get them more money but to DRAIN our money. They have the Jew machine that prints cash. No audit, remember, that would be antisemtic and bigoted and HATE city. Oh, I just had the light bulb go off. What do they do with the donation hoax money? They buy ink and paper to print more cash. See, it’s always a simple cookie cutter to these sorry ass heebs. They buy dildos for the jewesses at heeb summer camp. They go through about a 1000 dildo’s per day at those camps I hear. They used to go through about 10,000 per hour but the gay “nice” jewish boys refused to sit outside their tents and recondition them by licking the… Read more »

The Holodomor is just as important & as unknown to many as the deliberate Hellbombing of Dresden – ten years earlier & multiple millions killed via execution & forced famine.

Charlie!!! Hey brother. I mean, Santa Clause. hhahaha Your elves are on board and packin’ xmas heat. We got your back. Let’s drop off our presents for all the good little boys and girls then make pass and buzz Hollywood and let the reindeer take a dump all over Malibu beach and then head back to the N. Pole and rock the Igloo. ahhahahaha Tell Mrs. Clause to open the hanger door because we’re coming in hot and might have some one our tails. We might even let the reindeer take a year off and fly this mission in a Stuka. Picture George Clooney breakin’ it off in some hollywod hobo runnin’ down Wilshire blvd with his pants half down hearing that Stuka diver sound.… Read more »

Charlie Bob. Here is my miracle. I was drunk as a monkey about 30 years ago and went into a club, it was about 2 a.m. and I went up to this honey pie and said, “Baby, this bear thinks you’re juuuuust right, you have to take me home with you, yah?” She replied, “I can’t take you home with me tonight darlin’ boy, I’m on my menstral cycle.” I replied, “That’s cool, I’ll follow ya, I’m on my moped!” hahaha