Truth Hertz: The Apocalypse of Artificial Insanity (2-1-18)

Charlie finishes up his notes on CERN and then gets into the claims about AI and what the reality of the situation might be, and how this all ties into the apocalyptic programming of the Bible.

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Charles, great show! I’d say anyone who doesn’t share this show on other platforms or doesn’t play it to his/her friends/relatives is an accomplice of the evil horde. I’ve been thinking about all of these invasions in comic book movies, they’ve got another big one coming in a few months. Besides forcing Thor to dump Sif for a jewess and making the new spider-man push racial treason in a really obscene way (and transforming MJ into a male n..ger), there must be something else… Something big… (Watch the infinity war trailer) And there it is! A Greek god of death Thanatos (remade into Thanos by a jew who didn’t bother to check the correct name) coming from the Cern-Ouroboros in the sky ( – at… Read more »


A movie about poop called Poop Talk. How frickin’ jewy can you get. These degenerates never stop. To hell with them.

Killer of Trolls

My mother in law is a Christian Zionist and even has a Jew boyfriend. She is a big hypocrite. So called Christians in America don’t even realize they’re cuck slaves for their anti Christ Jew Masters. You never even hear them criticize Isra-hell


The most emotional defenders of Zionism (and Jews generally) I’ve seen are White Christians.


How can I talk to Charles? What is his email that he is talking about in some of his broadcasts?

Sorry but Islam and Judaism are worse. Christians are the most persecuted religion group in the world -and do not go around beheading or gang raping kufars


I would like to know why all the thumbs down. While I’m as anti Christianity as anyone else or more so. I believe her statement is true. Christians are the most persecuted religion. All their influence in the West with it’s military might only makes the life of Christians in Muslim lands a living Hell. This is because we are all under ZOG and the interest of Israel is what we pursue to our own detriment. The sad thing is I believe most Christians in the comforts of the West rarely pray or even think about their suffering brethren. I bet their up to speed on the main stream arguments of their favorite political parties though. If your a Christian I warn you Charlie has… Read more »


My brother is a Christ-tard who is always complaining about how bad Christians are persecuted. So funny. He lives one of the cushiest lives I’ve ever seen. He has never suffered a day in his life nor wanted for anything. He has a huge house on 10 acres, several vehicles, a boat, and no doubt net assets well over a million dollars. Christ-tards are nothing but jews by proxy. I’ll admit some Christ-tards have had some pretty bad things happen to them, but I really don’t have too much pity for them. One case I’m well acquainted with involves a missionary from my area who was murdered in South America. Well, sorry, but I’m not shedding a tear for the guy. Christ-tards have no right… Read more »

Foster XL

Down votes because christards calling other abrahamic mind-virus followers “worse” is like the pot calling the kettle black. I’m not even going to waste my time with more words proving beyond doubt why.


As a White man watching the decline of his civilization; I have to say that Christian Zionism is our greatest threat. It’s the cancer within. But to be fair, I would much rather live next to a Christ-tard than a Kike or a Kabob. And I damn sure wouldn’t want to be a minority in a Jewish or Muslim State.


If you live next to a Christ-tard, you are living next to a jew.


What was the point of that statement? They all feed form the same kike root. This should be fucking obvious by now.

Super Beagle

One thing I can’t understand is about Christianity is why they rely on both the New AND Old Testament. How did those two books form into one? The OT is cancer. It’s evilness is all the more confusing to Christians. However to Jews, the OT is clear as a bell. They know exactly the purpose of it.