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7 years ago

Damning set of events!

Steve L
7 years ago

We are all sincerely wrong about some things.

7 years ago

Charles says, on the dark side of the moon, there is a Lava deposit @ 19.5 deg’. This is the side of the Moon that Never faces the Earth correctly known as “The Far Side of the Moon”. Now, if Satellites cannot pass through the dreaded “Van Allen Belts”, how can we know it’s there if such a thing can never be seen ?

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

You can see through the moon when it’s present at day. You can see the blue sky and astromoners have even recorded stars that were visible through the moon.

Charles thinks the moon landing was fake but that everything presented in the fake moon landing, is real.
Ball earth picture, solid moon ground, millions of miles, thrust in a vacuum to maneuver satellites, etc pp.

7 years ago

Does anyone know?…Has this broadcast been placed on youtube?
This comparison of the Tribe’s total control of the music industry through murder and manipulation of the police and the murder and control of emergent “third world” countries is brilliant. Both world wars and the Cold War and ALL subsequent wars have been scripted by the SAME TRIBE that scripts Jewlywood films and the ongoing soap opera of TV News.
Thanks Charlie

7 years ago

Source: The Mob Killed Buddy Holly
Note the comments.

It’s said that Waylon Jennings was going to be a passenger, but lost the last seat by ‘losing’ a coin toss.

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