Truth Hertz: Aten, the Semitic Sun God (3-28-18)

Charlie continues his discussion of the Heeb Hyksos and their subversion of Egypt and its religion. He shows how Akhenaten’s Aten hijacked the role of sun god and then was transformed into Adonai aka Yahweh.


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Scott the Strategerist

Charlie has been on fire lately! I’ve only just d/l’ed this episode, but some of a bitch! Take away the terminix, and “Adon” and “Atem” are the same. So is Adonis without the Latin terminix.


I think Charlie got it radically wrong on Akhnaton and his religion, allegedly the first monotheistic religion in the world. I don’t know if Charlie read Savitri Devi’s “The Lightning and the Sun”, in that part where she discusses Akhnaton. The idea that Hyksos were Jews is just a hypothesis without any tangible proof. There are no proofs of any connection between Ahknaton and Yids which were politheistic at that time anyway. And to force the connection between Akhnaton and the Hyksos is a rather preposterous idea without any proof whatever. One can hypothesize about it, but it is just a hypothethis, not a fact, among many others, and you should have stated it so. Further, as Savitri Devi shows Akhnaton was a benevolent king… Read more »

Chris H

I am willing to hear Charles on the position. I actually found “The Lightning and the Sun” very hard to read at times when it was glorifying characters in “history”. I had to stop reading it because I found some of her conclusions annoying and perhaps naive. That is not to say I am not a great admirer of SD, but I do find alot of this Esoteric Hitlerism stuff quite tedious and at the moment find it a distraction from NS itself (aswell as alot of it being fairly Christ-tarded I have to say).

Scott the Strategerist

@Halan, first of all, I’m sorry you got so many downvotes. I tried to rectify that, in my own way. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, James Cameron produced a film contending that the Hyksos are the Hebrews. The Hyksos were the Shepherd Kings. The Hebrews were the shepherd people. Both immigrated to Egypt. Both took over. Both had religious differences with the native Egyptians. Both were finally driven out after several centuries. Both, when driven out, crossed the Sinai to greater Syria where they established their own state, making Jerusalem their capitol. He links the Biblical Exodus w/ the volcanic explosion at Santorini, which could have produced effects in Egypt similar to what the Book of Exodus tells us. You might also want to… Read more »

Chris H

You tried to rectify in your own way.. You mean you used your vote the opposite way to most people, or used multiple computers to really make sure that your superior moral voice was brighter than those who had another opinion? Hero.

Scott the Strategerist

Halan’s comment was valid. Downvoting in general is an obnoxious thing to do, and should be reserved for enemies, i.e. if Antifa or BLM were posting here.

Chris H

Charles’ point is valid in my opinion. Antifa or BLM. So no Alt-Right then? I grow tired of strategies in this “movement”. or even strategeries. Upvoting can in itself be obnoxious as I pointed out above.
I don’t feel Charles is pushing his point any more than others are pushing the opposite. He is on his own path.


Voting a comment up or down doesn’t make the comment more or less valid or useful. It just makes sheep think it is more or less valid depending on which way the crowd voted.

Following the crowd is actually valid in a lot of situations but not when it comes to politics where there are hostile actors that will deliberately sway opinion by manufacturing consensus. In such an environment you have to ignore the crowd completely and use your own mind.


Just ignore the voting and use your own mind to judge a comment. If you can’t do that then you are a sheep.

Chris H


Allison MacPherson

Did you know a book entitled, “Moses and Monotheism” written by Sigmund Freud was published in 1939? Freud asserted that Moses was actually born an Egyptian, rather than raised as an Egyptian. . Freud asserted that Moses was not Hebrew, but actually born into Ancient Egyptian nobility and was probably a follower of Akhenaten. Freud asserted that Moses only led his close followers into freedom during an unstable period in Egyptian history after Akhenaten (ca. 1350 BCE) and that they subsequently killed Moses in rebellion. As Charlie stated, Moses wanted the Hikksos (Hebrews) to stop worshiping Aten, after Akhenaten was so thoroughly disgraced as well as dethroned & the Hikksos were essentially run out of Egypt. Freud goes on to state that Moses only led… Read more »

Scott the Strategerist

That other tribe is the Edomites. That’s the origin of that famous volcanic god.


Just a slight correction for Charlie. Jewsus was not a prick. He was a half-prick as he had no foreskin. Yes, indeedy, some perverted half-prick rabbi ripped his foreskin off and sucked his bloody cock. Sick fuckers.


In Mesopotamia as empires grew, gods were consolidated. Makes sense. So monotheism was to serve a political end. Interestingly enough, according to Freud’s 1939 book, Egyptians circumcised males and followed the same dietary practices later adopted in the Torah. The Hebrew religion is Egyptian, adopted by Semitic tribesmen who organized under a unifying genealogy, set of taboos, and invisible enforcer. This ended badly in civil war and separation for Judah.