Truth Hertz: Back in the Saddle (10-4-17)

Charles is back for a weekly show every Wednesday night. He gives the listeners some updates and then gets right into the subject of the most recent mass casualty event in Las Vegas and the many absurdities that have been seen so far.

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Charlie, is your position that you “believe” there was an actual shooting with injuries? I have seen no credible evidence of that.

You mentioned “conflicting accounts” – that is a standard part of post event handling called the “overload principle”. That’s designed to overhead the cognition of the observers and force them back into the deception loop.

You cited “cell phone video” as “evidence”. I assert that we can’t establish who shot that video and we can’t rely on it at all.

You’re definitely right to question this event.

This event conforms to the standard template for Staged Atrocities performed by trained PSYOP units.

I do not think anyone was killed.

Can you provided credible evidence that anyone was actually shot?


Charlie, we know that no kids were shot at Sandy Hook. We also know that Sandy Hook was a US gov Staged Atrocity done for political and legislative purposes.

Nobody was killed there. The school was previously close and was condemned. Mold on walls, etc.

What credible proof do we have that anyone was shot at the Las Vegas event?


This kind of thing is LEGAL here in the US.

Richard A news clip where they are mentioning the people killed from Southern California, they mention companies where they work, schools other institutions. I am just curious to know how they cover up when they mention a business where say a mother with young children worked, or a young person with a circle of friends. Friends and colleagues know these people and now they are reported dead and what would have happened to these actors? Are they shipped off to live their days out in a secret bunker in the desert, or an island or maybe in their basement? Or if they never worked at these places or lived in these towns, would people say ” who the fk are these people I worked in… Read more »


When they do the “Cut the Lady in Half Trick” in Vegas… they just simply cut the bitch in half – or do they launch a massive project and logistical nightmare ….. bla bla bla FU


Hey dummy – When they did 911, did 19 A-Rabs with boxcutters simply fly planes into buildings – or did they launch a massive project and logistical nightmare to ….. Yeah they did. Go peddle your drivel somewhere else. For the rest of you – YES they do plan and create a “Project” to create the “Perception” of an “Atrocity”. And YES – if you actually do the legwork and pick ONE alleged “victim” and really investigate them – and NOT just on the internet….but really investigate…you will find what you find. We don’t know exactly what methods they used to create the “victims” yet. But we will soon enough. In the Sandy Hook event, some of the kids were simply invented and others were… Read more »


You can’t deny this. This video is very carefully calibrated to show very little. The resolution of the video is 406 x 720. That’s a real oddball number. Normally on OLD phones you’ll see 480 x 720. Where did the 406 come from? Obviously to hide detail.

This video is framed to have a very narrow field of view. There no wide view of the field. Lots of motion blur. This video makes you feel like you’re following a trail of breadcrumbs.

And in the video, the camera holder keeps saying “NO ENTRY WOUND – NO EXIT WOUND – CANNOT TREAT”.

Those are Crisis –Actors.


If Jewry has declared war on all nonjews then why do you have a problem comprehending that they have a pool of people with conviction willing to do work for their goals? Have you not come to terms with the fact that Jewry is waging war on us?

Allison MacPherson

Wow! Great news! Charles is back in town!


Welcome back Charles! 🙂


Outstanding! Glad to see you’re back.


Good show. The conflicting stories that the media put out are done for a purpose. All the conflicting stories assume the event happened and that people were massacred. People get caught up in the conflicting stories instead of looking at whether the whole thing was staged.

Fake pro-Whites Anglin and duke are parroting the official version of events. It’s clear who’s side they are on.


The “Conflicting Story” routine is part of what is called the “OVERLOAD PRINCIPLE”. That is done to overload the short term memory of the Target Audience to place them into a state of confusion.

I called that earlier. This is standard procedure for Deception Operations.


Anglin and duke are both handled by the FBI. We’ve known that for a long time. All Official Stories are true. The Media reports accurately and only states facts. LOL


Oh my gods…… great to have Charlie back. My favorite Charlie quote of the show: I’ll take my paranoid label if you’ll take your stupid label. Yes, so very spot on.

Allison MacPherson

Love your intelligent exchanges with Charles as well!


Fantastic, love his chats.


Good show. Israel is where they retreat. “Witness protection”. Then they just wait until it’s old news. They don’t even need plastic surgery if they want to leave. Looks fade and change.

Jerry Aiello

Charlie came back on fire tonight! Great show!!!


Good to see you back at it brother


Your heroic hispanic woman was described as delivering her “You’re gonna die!” message with glee and “Messing with” those she told. Far from having a conscience and trying to warn anyone, she was apparently trying to psych people out with fear before the actual (?) shooting.


News anchor Brian Williams slips up says ” Government used the room ” honest mistake? Las Vegas shooting massacre


So glad you’re back, Charles.

Ray barnes

Great too see you back Charles. Your shows are some of the best.


Great to have you on the waves/bits again.


Hillary is right. It is time to put politics aside and take on big brother. Left or right, black or white, the enemy of all is big brother.


That flash in the lower center is a strobe light.


Great to see you back on the network


Glad to see you back Charles. Welcome Back

alan beam

Welcome back Charlie.What a pleasant surprise!

Ben Zona

Stop with the infighting. The “planes” were unmanned delivery drones belonging to a since “disappeared” jooish delicatessen “business” that crashed in the towers,ignighting highly flammable vinegar soaked kosher pickles. This triggered a chain reaction of overheated microwave ovens full of Italian pizza pockets,simulating blood splatter. The “bodies” seen “leaping from the building” were mini dolls sculpted from well done roast beef whitch appeared to be burnt flesh,filmed through magnifying lenses to make them look human size in nature. The ash cloud that covered the streets were the ashes of the Six Million. There was a link to this evidence on the Jeff Rense Wash and Repeat site but it has since been scrubbed by the Mossad operative and crypt joo Colonel Sanders(stein) citing a false… Read more »


There isn’t any “infighting”. Infiltrators always try to support aspects of the “Official Story”. That’s what they’re here for.


I’m so happy Charles is back. I missed him so much!

Shlomos Kosher Soap

Good to have Charlie back! 🙂 In the “Fake News Now” show I listened to today, hosts speculated that (((they))) may have unexpectedly had to grab Stephen ‘Patsy’ Paddock last minute and plug him in as the emergency-replacement star. Like perhaps their former planned patsy who they’d worked for months putting together a proper fake backstory for, fell through for whatever reason (smelled a (((rat))) and pulled a runner) last minute… but the show had to go on Oct 1st, with 1000 other components already laid carefully in place. That’s how this ham handed Vegas FF starring the implausible Patsy Paddock, looks to me too! The Patsy Paddock narrative just doesn’t add up on any level! If that’s ^ what indeed happened, I’d guess (((they)))… Read more »


Schlomo: ((((They))))) = 11th Psychological Operations Battalion (POB) – Upper Marlboro, Maryland · 305th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Ft. Story, Virginia · 312th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Upper Marlboro, Maryland · 351st Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Fort Totten, New York · 360th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Jersey City New Jersey 13th Psychological Operations Battalion (POB (EPW) – Arden Hills, Minnesota · 319th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Arden Hills, Minnesota · 321st Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Grand Rapids, Michigan · 339th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Arden Hills, Minnesota · 350th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Twinsburg, Ohio 15th Psychological Operations Battalion (POB) – Cincinnatti, Ohio · 303rd Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · 316th Psychological Operations Company… Read more »


Schlomo here has identified himself as a probable kike operative trying his best to make the Staged Atrocity seem more plausible. LOL HA HA HA


Schlomo the kike: Prove that the alleged shooter actually existed. Oops … looks like the alleged shooter has some sort of extremely shadowy past that can’t be verified. Prove that anyone was actually shot. All of the information you rely on is from controlled sources. Yet you asset a “shooting” happened. This event has all of the tell tale signs of PSYOP. You deny the massive PSYOP infrastructure available to the US gov? You use the term (((they))). Here is an example of (((they))) 11th Psychological Operations Battalion (POB) – Upper Marlboro, Maryland · 305th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Ft. Story, Virginia · 312th Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Upper Marlboro, Maryland · 351st Psychological Operations Company (POC) – Fort Totten, New York ·… Read more »


What a sad, rude abusive cretin,you are Pat.
You must be the same Pat who used to frequent Incogman.
If I remember correctly you were the one who was flogging the no planes on 9/11 BS.
You accuse others of being Jews.
I don’t think you are a Jew I think you are just plane stupid.

I hope Kyle does not allow you to lower the tone of Renegade Tribune like you did on the Incogman site.
Spewing childish threats and ranting like a five year old.


What a despicable piece of shit you are “Richard” – habitually supporting every ridiculous “Official Story” coming out of the jew-Tube. Plenty of Kikes infiltrate to back up Official Lies.I hope Kyle bans you as we can get your spew on CNN any day of the week. In addition, you seem to be truly mentally challenged. Sad case. Look in the mirror.


Richtard – Explain to us all about how “Planes” hit buildings on 911. LOL Add any other fairytale you choose.


Pat, all I will explain to you is what a utter and complete bellend you are.
I have better things to do than argue with a vacuous cretin. They are already laughing behind your back here like they were doing on Incogman.


RichTard, obviously I have gotten deep into your psyche. You seem deeply bothered by the fact that I don’t put up with turds like you. Go back to sucking anglins little dick.


RichTurd -why are you here shilling of incogman? And parroting Official Story bullshit is really convincing RichTurd. You’re really doing a great job here of convincing everyone here that all of these Official Stories are true and accurate. Yep – I guess everyone (((((else))))) is wrong – except you RichTurd.


You air head, if read what I wrote you would see I don’t support the official version.
And if I did support it who the fuck are you, Renegade policeman?
I’m surprised Kyle lets trash like you around here.
Are you denying you were laughed off Incogman with all your crap stories of no planes on 9/11?
What a prize cunt

Foster XL

“prize cunt”
[prahyz kuhnt]

noun, Slang: Vulgar.
1. A much valued vulva or vagina.
2. Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.
one of many contemptuous terms used mainly by jewish advocates of Critical Theory to repeatedly attack & demonize opponents thusly avoiding inevitable overwhelming loss in any logical debate.


I used to think they were disinfo theories but I wasn’t overly convinced by the “planes” simply slicing through reinforced concrete and steel like a knife through butter either. Then there’s the clear lack of plane parts at the Pentagon and at the supposed crash site of the plane that was supposed to be heading for the rainbow house.


Professional PSYOP people will tell you that you must “Know your information channels”. On 911 all of the video showing a “plane” was provided to you by the Regime Media and also by controlled sources portrayed as “citizens”.

Evidence has reduced the possibility of planes hitting anything that day to “zero”.

So how did they do it?

This is where the skill of deconstructing magic tricks come into play.

How could they have done it?

Proceed from there.


Pat Why don’t YOU prove to me that you aren’t payed PSY OP operative to create havoc and chaos in Renegade comment section?


Bill33 – If I create “chaos” here by citing FACTS – then great. Why don’t you have Kyle ban me Bill33? Do it Bill33.


Bill33 – It’s “paid” … not “payed”. Did you graduate from High School?


WhiteWolf WTC walls were not made from solid steel and concrete. It was covered mostly with large windows and those steel beams were shaped like big netted core. There was no reason what so ever that planes could not penetrate buildings, hitting them with force of hundreds of miles an our.


Bill33 – I suggest you go to college or something. Learn about this thing called “Bird Strikes” on aircraft. See the DAMAGE that one BIRD does to an AIRLINER.

From there Bill33 maybe you can go look up Finite Element Analysis and Strength of Materials.

Or just be a “Follower” and go “follow Jew D. Wood.

Better yet, exit the comment section and refrain from defecating here.


There were quite a few floors above where the “planes” hit the towers. They were not held up by mostly windows. They were held up by solid concrete and steel.

Planes apart from their frames are rather fragile. I’ve seen buildings that take quite a few artillery strikes and those projectiles which are faster than planes and tougher than planes don’t just slice through the buildings.

There is no footage of any plane hitting the Pentagon. They were in on it and the strike on them was to throw off guilt. Whatever made that hole I don’t know but it was definitely an own goal.

The official footage of the crash site for the other “plane” literally just showed a hole in the ground.


you never did get an answer did you


JohnSmithRGB – Of course not. That person is here only to support the Official Story in the minds of people who are too busy to pay much attention to facts and details.

Junio Valerio

NOT ONLY, these people probably are at the orders of organisations that are here only to disturb or mantain disorder in discussion, perhaps paid to make this everywhere everytime (we know well what are capable the agencies that commits 8/11, I think mossad, pakistan Isi, or part of Cia/Nsa, or all of these), so take hundreds of donkeys to put everywhere to have lot of confusion. Excuse me for little english, I am european. At this matter I want you understand from Usa we are so much worried of american politics in general, the bullysm of americans can only bring us to a final armageddon. Russia and China became more powerful than america in many sectors of weapons and people as Hitlary or Trump, or… Read more »


Explain how planes hit the building? Well why don’t you ask FROM HUNDREDS OF WITNESSES themselves. But they are all liars and shills, right?


Bill33 – Sad that you are still trapped in the matrix of 911. You need to go to NYC, stand on the street somewhere…look up and tell us all what you see. Mostly buildings with a tiny sliver of sky.

Yes Bill33 – you saw it on a TV screen AND you saw it on planted jew-Tube vids.

You didn’t see shit. And neither did any of the “Witnesses” – not ONE of which YOU and name nor cross-examine.

Try learning something someday Bill33.

Eye Spy

Shlomos Kosher Soap = Zeebra

Does it also = Richard?

These Mami’s Shithole troofer junkies are such degenerate no-life retards!!!


I think it’s a very good sign that they are here. It demonstrates that we are having a positive effect. 🙂 I hope they stick around so we can abuse the shit out of them.