Truth Hertz: Banking Barons & Bible Believers (9-19-16)


Charles gets into the banking dynasty that took over control of England and takes some interesting calls related to the Bible.

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excellent show Charles. i was laughing when the bible believing freak called. he sounded like he was almost crying, frightened to death he’s wrong. i hope he calls again and once more makes an ass of himself… keep up the good work. 🙂


CI christards remind me of these (both are filled with ZOG agents):

Mr. Congeniality

Wiping your ass with pages of the “holy” book. Now that is funny. Fuck Yahweh, fuck all jews, and fuck all Christ-tards. Oh, yeah, fuck the damn Muslims, too.

The bible is just watered down Sumerian and Babylonian myth you would think more people would be forced to face this since all the info on history channel since 2008. Some how the Abrahamic Supremacists still thing they have some originality or authentic religion. Its not different than when a corporation comes in an buys put another how religions have changed.


Do you believe that you come from Neanderthals?
Do you believe in anything?
Do you beat your wife?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact yahweh immediately via your local church or mosque.
Your future depends on it and also don’t forget that jews are a special snow flakes in this world and the only humanitarians on earth.

Shawna Marie

Yrton these CI people believe the same thing as LDS. Only the so called Mormons have been taught a reverence for the the chosonites. Charles & others helped deprogram me from this upbringing. I view the CI people as pathetic pawns that perpetuate an alien doctrine of fictitious supremacy that they attempt to drape themselves with, like the ass in the lions skin tale only worse they are the emperor with no clothes.

Interesting we have always been ruled by: religion, politics and finance and the three sovereign cities within cities are like the modern wings of those aspects of control for the global centralized capitalist class today.


Ive noticed that whenever Simone calls in their voice is always louder than CG’s



CG’s equipment ain’t great. It never has been. He’s using the same stuff he used back on Oracle. If you listen carefully, when he speaks quietly his mic cuts his voice almost entirely out. I think the only thing that keeps his voice loud enough on that mic is that it’s so course and deep. Renegades mixer equalization for calls is not changed per host, just FYI.

I remember trying to listen to CG’s achrives on Oracle in 16kbps. On this side of 2010 the audio quality just didn’t cut the mustard, would rather relisten to the Grizzom archives.

Not quite sure I catch what you mean.

If you mean that Renegades audio doesn’t quite fit your bill and that you need to listen to Grizzom instead, off you go then. No need to dilly dally and make comments about it here. That would be wasting your own time.

Renegade has some of the best audio around. Just compare it with anything out there.

If that’s not what you mean, then please explain.


I hope I am alive for the day we round these scum and make them public toilets, which is exactly their place.

Shawna Marie

Thank you Charles your research has helped me shed my Christian Zionist Masonic upbringing.

There are in fact more Nations within Nations than just those three you find in the Documentary “Empire of the City”.


If I had a shekel for every time a repeater on the internutz claimed the City of London is an independent State I’d be richer than Rothschild – mazel tov!

Charles, consider reading this and check its bibliography:

If you think that dull and worthy effort might be ‘biased’ then check out the comments here including the detailed sources quoted against the article writer:

Glad you wised up to the Sovereign Citizen BS.

“The concept of a sovereign citizen originated in the Posse Comitatus movement as a teaching of Christian Identity minister William P. Gale.” Correction, (((Gale)))