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7 years ago

Lots of jumps in the audio here guy !

7 years ago

Just a note on the “Natives” Red-Skin Scalpers. They were seen to have trophies on their fronts, locks of hair from other people who were there too. North America was discovered way way before Columbus ! See also pre-Maori New Zealand as an example.

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

He has discussed the pre-Colombian Americas many times. There are traces of Europeans, Asians (Amerindians), Middle Easterners, and even jews in this continent for thousands of years.
His argument is aimed at the US establishment as a judeo-masonic imperialist entity from the get go.

Reply to  Yrton
7 years ago

I’m not sure about the authenticity of modern genetic testings but here’s a frequency map of the most important Aryan paternal lineage on pre-Colombian earth. It peaks in Ireland, Wales, and Basque country.
Note the frequency in Americas.
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7 years ago

I’m not getting these jumps in audio Roj. At what times were these so called jumps? And are you sure it ain’t your connection?

Reply to  Shaun Surplus
7 years ago

Thanks for the info Yrton.

Shaun, the jumps were in the first hour, however, like you said, it could be my connection, i’ll see what I can find out from my end.

Karen in E Tenn
7 years ago

“no quartering of soldiers during peace time” Does this mean they could quarter soldiers during war time?

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Catch your shows on Mamis shit Charles, but refuse to be subjected to a Google inquisition in order to comment. Hope Kyle wo`nt mind if I comment here. Just wanted to empathise regarding your sister. Hope she gets through it all. I did..

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