Truth Hertz: Bloody Bourdain & Sucking Americans Dry (6-13-18)

Charlie talks about the many weird things surrounding the death of Anthony Bourdain and how it turns out that he and his girlfriend were into some very disturbing practices involving blood. He then concludes his discussion on how Americans are getting increasingly screwed by taxation and the implementation of Agenda 21.

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Fascinating. Can you provide links to what you are referencing regarding Bourdain?(The photos you are describing.) It would be appreciated. The Gatekeeper Alt Media show “No Agenda” gave out hasty misinformation pertaining to what caused Bourdain to kill himself (Adam Curry -the guy with the high ranking CIA Uncle Don Gregg, and a 3 time guest on Infowars) jumped to the conclusion that Anthony was taking the drug Chantix to quit smoking and its side effects caused him to become suicidal. The issue with this is that we don’t know what drugs or medications Bourdain was or was not on, if anything. This was all based on conjecture based on some old interview Bourdain did.) Regarding the idea that Bourdain faked his own suicide, I… Read more »

Today is the ZOG emperor’s birthday. For two months now, Jewrassic Liars has been predicting a major disaster in Seattle for 6/14. Will it happen? I certainly hope not. But I certainly won’t be the least bit surprised if it does. You have to know, whether JL is right or not about the date and place, the tribe has something like this up their sleeve and much more.

JL should have been wiser …. no update yet.
He is a devout Christian, isn’t he. Makes him a bit less trustworthy, although I think he is authentic and knowledgeable.

I abhor his Christ-tardedness, but he is a solid jew hater, which I most certainly do appreciate.

“Why did I ruin my reputation and the trust of my viewers”
He would be wise to drop this induced (((Christian))) way of thinking, for it will repeatedly mislead him and he will never be able to see through the full extent of the deceit and come to the right conclusions.

Bourdain was an admitted former heroin addict. Why would he suffer through the anxiety of hanging to death via hotel doorknob? The logical choice would have been a massive overdose. Here he is swallowing the beating heart of a cobra. He remarks that he can feel the heart beating as he swallows. Of all the foods to enjoy, Bourdain remarked, “I like roasted bone marrow for my last meal.” These so-called celebrities are increasingly sick & ghoulish. Once you wake up, you can never see them the same way. 28 seconds.

Anthony Bourdain Talks Drilling Holes in Victims’ Heads to “F*ck Their Brains Out” (#Pizzagate, Illuminati)

Sinead, and Kyle… I would be very interested in your thoughts on this blog.. I just found it and haven’t read much into it, seems pretty out there at first glance, but it goes deep into the ”pizzagate” horror….
I think we must be in Valhalla and are hear to slay these mother fucking demons.. I can’t see any point to life when you know how totally insane and evil so much of our world is. Why is there so much evil in this world if not for the strong to set it right?

ok.. so upon closer inspection, this ”person/entity” whatever writing this blog is pretty much placing the blame for all earths sinister shit on ”greys” and other aliens- which, I can’t actually throw the idea out the window anymore.
For awhile I did, but how could a human do the kind of shit that we hear/know about without being from another world?
I mean, drinking blood? That is INSANE.
Torturing people for pleasure? Doubly INSANE.
Jews are mentioned here :

Amber, Many people still refuse to understand that genetic psychopathy is real. Brain scans on suspected genetic psychopaths revealed that the area of the brain responsible for conscience, the amygdala, fails to light up when the brain is exposed to specific stimuli that normally induces an empathic response. It is estimated that psychopaths are 1-4% of our human populace. Most likely this defect was strengthened via specific groups inbreeding within a small populace over millennia. Genetic or primary and secondary or trauma induced psychopaths are humanity’s real problem and we have centuries of documented human history as proof. I see no evidence of aliens and the supposed sighted air craft could very well be suppressed military objects. How can one fight advanced aliens? But citizens… Read more »

Genetics and Aliens are not mutually exclusive. However I agree that Ockham’s Razor eliminates the Alien Theory and not Genetics. The idea that people in Authority would test for this to prevent it is far fetched in our current state. They are the ones in control. They have no interest in serving the greater good. Which is evident by all the perversion and degeneracy being promoted. I actually heard Sam Harris say “ what good would it serve if we found that Jews had a gene that made them greedy “? Well for one it would show that they shouldn’t be in control of our financial institutions! But he’s a Jew so if it doesn’t serve his tribe, it doesn’t serve good.

Thanks Tony. Speaking of Sam Harris attempting to minimize the mentally diseased genetics of Askenazis, check this out. Because Jews are susceptible to severe & disabling genetic diseases, Jewish women began suing their obstetricians after their infants were diagnosed with genetic-based, congenital diseases. These legal claims against doctors became known as “wrongful birth suits”. This spurred genetic research into the Askenazi DNA, to protect physicians from litigious parasitism. In an article published in the most prestigious scientific journal, Nature,in 2013, Israeli researchers announced the discovery of a genetic marker for major psychiatric disorders with high heritability like schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, manic depression and bipolar disorder linked in a genome-wide association in the Ashkenazi Jewish population. In lay language a mutated gene makes Ashkenazi Jews 40%… Read more »
1-4% instantly reminds me of 2% if you know what I’m saying… And I’m not buying that 2% balogney. How can a population stay at 2% for pretty much all of recorded history, and yet today be pretty much everywhere in frightening numbers? And if (((they))) themselves aren’t there, they have been using TV and Hollywood induced trauma based mind control to pervert and destroy the minds of the rest of the populations of “Gentiles/goyim” for generations now, not to mention the Abrahamic faiths! – turning many nations into genocidal minions. I bet the % is much higher. I agree that all the flying things in the air at night and during the day that aren’t known to us, are more than likely military as… Read more »

Seems they made a movie about this recently, starring Tom Sizemore, whom was accused of molesring an 11 year old girl on set in the mid 90’s. Viewer discretion advised.

Human grade raw pet food..

“I won’t get any older now the angels want to wear my red shoes”, is a line from an Elvis Costello song called red shoes, oddly enough.