Truth Hertz: Bringing Back Some Bashing (1-17-17)

Charles discusses some of his personal experiences with people who turn on each other at the drop of a hat and then gets into some more good old fashioned Bible bashing.

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free your mind

Recently, a neighbor-friend of mine, (we could be really close but I wont’ submit to jaysus) visited me in a distraught mind. Her parents are both deceased. But after her father died, whom she worshipped, she took care of her deeply religious mother for 3 years. Her mother put her through hell, constantly complaining and whining. I don’t know how she put up with the stress but my friend loves the whole suffering for Jesus concept. Instead of her mother being at peace as she was soon to be with Jesus and her husband in heaven, she was fraught with anxieties. Well after the mother died, it turns out the beautiful brick home with land in a highly desirable part of town, which my neighbor-friend… Read more »


Too bad she didn’t know ahead of time .
I t would have spared her that nightmare of caring for that piece of shit.
But then again, if she has the virus…..
So pathetic…


I never cease to be amazed at these old Christ-tards who donate all their money to TV evangelists. Oh, and they also love to hand over their shekels to IsraHell. Religion truly is the greatest mind fuck of all.


I know, I know… What better way than to get the goy to relieve themselves of their wealth, of their own account through mind manipulation.


gossiping – the act of doing a lot of talking with little or no thinking.

good show, charles




That is babbling, gossip is “who’s doing what with who?” type of natter.