Truth Hertz: Building Immunity to the COVID BS (10-6-20)

Charlie talks about what has been happening with the “new world order” coming into view thanks to the “new normal.” At the end he starts talking about the occult Beatles.

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Old Goy
18 days ago

Charlie was all enthused about the hundreds of thousands of Germans in the streets protesting having to wear a mask, but this is just another jew windmill to tilt at. IF, and only if, the germans would turn out en masse to protest the jew tyranny or the non-white invasion or to get that filthy cow Merkel dangling from Brandenberg Tor, then I would be enthused. To get excited about having to wear a mask while your women are being brutalized and your children are being braindwashed and your wealth is being plundered by the jew, is not very much to get excited about. The jew is master at getting us dumb goyim to tilt at the wrong windmills, good cop bad cop, Republicans Democrats,… Read more »

Nick keith
18 days ago

Diseases & Viruses Were Both Created By The Pharmaceutical Industry Who Uses The Flawed Germ Theory To Sell Medicines & Vaccines For Monetary Gains & Population Control. If The Germ Theory Was Correct There Wouldn’t Be A Human Alive To Tell The Story. Germs, Bacteria, Fungus & Even Viruses (Which Are Not Viruses But Protein  Based Exosomes Whithin Our RNA) Are Everywhere. So-Called Diseases Are Symptoms Of An Underlying Toxicity Within The Cells. So-Called Viruses Are Manufactured Within Our Bodies As A Protection Mechanism Against Over Toxicity….When We Are Overly Toxic Our Bodies Create A Natural Detoxification Process Called A Cold, A Flu, Or Pneumonia To Rid The Body Of These Deadly Toxins. Viruses Are Not Contagious In Any Form. There’s plenty of information explaining… Read more »

18 days ago

Those granpas wearing masks alone when they drive are gonna cause accidents someday (Because of the mask in question). We all know grandpas are sleepy, now, wouln’d that be genious to also deprive them of their Oxygen via masks + propaganda/brainwashing. They would even sing along!
” I wear my face-mask when I drive, so I can.. so I cannnnnn ”
Lol, let’s see that protecting them from any impact which I believe is more DEADLY than airborne Aids on the highway. haha.
Love your show man. Stay angry, stay sharp. Lots of people need some kind of shock to wake up and many times, righteous anger, like yours, like mine, is fucking fuel we need to light in others. 🙂

Reply to  morgus
18 days ago

I actually see WAAAAAY more young people wearing masks out there than “those granpas”! It’s pretty damn sad…

18 days ago

Led Zeppelin, arguably or not, “borrowed” the intro for “Stairway To Heaven” from an instrumental song called “Taurus” by West Coast psychedelic band Spirit. The track can be found in their debut album recorded in 1968 (track 4). Both bands shared staged circa 1969 (if memory serves) which means that Page had to know the song. Funny that Randy California (real name Randy Craig Wolfe) -the song’s composer- was a jew. California died years ago in very strange circumstances. We could argue about this case being justified or not until the cows come home. Definitively one cannot compare this case with what happened with songs such as “Dazed and Confused” which was literary STOLEN by Page and Co. (that among many other songs). Apparently Crowley’s… Read more »

Old Goy
18 days ago

low audio

Rat boy
14 days ago

Unfortunately some people can’t be waked up…

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