Truth Hertz: Celestial Signals & NASA’s Nonsense (8-29-18)

Charlie continues his discussion of the many interesting signals that people have received from celestial origins over the years. He then gets into the fakery that has been seen from NASA in their supposed space videos.

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Sean G

John McCain died on the same date as Ted Kennedy, 9 years apart. Both men died of the same kind of cancer (brain cancer). Although they said Jimmy Carter has brain cancer, that was only after he told the alternative media that the US is controlled by an oligarchy. Then like a week later the MSM reported that he has BRAIN CANCER! Coincidence?

Heathen vegan

It would be quite easy for them to pay corrupted doctors to tell the unsuspecting patient they have some terminal illness, then “spike” their “medication” to actually mimic the illness and eventually kill them.


Acronyms for N.A.S.A. = Never A Straight Answer… Never Accessed Space, Actually… i’m sure there are more

Krav Maga is ghey

Niggers Are Superior Astronauts


Science has proven that Tesla did pick up signals from space July 22 1989, but it was a Jovian radiation storm. Though there is good reason for Tesla to believe it was coming from Mars , and with what was known at the time come to the conclusion that it was ETs. Those interested in a detailed analysis can read it here-

Krav Maga is ghey

So Guglielmo Marconi expected interplanetary communications to be memes? 😀

Krav Maga is ghey

Yet, what of the intensity of the returning signals?
Signals fan out over a distance, according to the inverse square law.
Even if the sent signal was exceptionally narrow, it would still fizzle out over such great ranges.
So whatever out there would catch the signal, if the signal that was received on Earth was of a rather considerable intensity, it implies that the sender would have had to amplify the original message it received, before broadcasting it back towards Earth.
That is not merely bouncing off a signal of something.
That’s an use of some form of technology.

Krav Maga is ghey

Also, if there were humanoids on Ro… ok can we call that planet something else? I’ll go for Dawnara for the moment. Ok so let’s say there are humanoids on Dawnara and they’re smart enough to communicate through the use of technology. If we think for a moment about the intensity of their star, a reddish one, then even if they also had something akin to negroes to (low IQ and addiction to chicken), well if their negroes would have very fair skins. Also, if they had any kind of technology similar to ours and progressed on a similar trajectory or were already ahead of us, by now they would have probably already sent at least one or two deep space probes in our direction,… Read more »

Krav Maga is ghey

Is it possible to have links to all the documents and pictures mentioned during this podcast? Thx!


‘Orbiting the star Ross 128, our new planetary neighbor is thought to be temperate, with days up to a balmy 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Astronomers have announced the discovery of an Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting Ross 128—a red dwarf star just 11 light years away.’

Ross 128 , hummm .. oh yes , that small orbiting exoplanet was called the snake oil planet its inhabitants sell snake oil all over the universe , NASA bought some and is selling it to the tax payers WAKE UP!!! its ALL a CON !.

Join the discussion…Before computers and the netweb ,98 or so, we were all brainwashed dupes programmed to think most everything that came from rich people controlled news/ medias controlled by them and jollywood was more or less true . Now we read different views and perspectives on past events and realize ALL of that presented to the public info. is just Theory , stories, tales , embellished bs, and MOST important , shows that the rich people that put this shit info. on tv wasted your life time watching and listening / reading it . It proves ,Those rich people that control everything with their corrupt rich controlled money system just want you to be controlled goyslave workers that don’t think to much . THAT,… Read more »

If by rich people, you mean yids, then I agree with you

Krav Maga is ghey

Now that’s interesting. Assuming the information is legitimate, when I heard that Marconi caught an electromagnetic signal he sent some twenty two years earlier, traveling at the speed of light, I understood it would mean the sender, whatever it is, would be located at most eleven light-years away from Earth.