Truth Hertz: Changing Alliances and Revenge in Ancient Egypt (10-11-18)

Charlie discusses some history of Ancient Egypt and the changing alliances with Egyptians, Hyksos, Hebrews, Nubians, and others throughout time. As always, tribal treachery led to severe punishment, which then led to revenge of the jews.

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So the ancient Egyptian royalty (Aryans) used the Nubians (Black Africans) to defeat the Hyksos (jews). Very interesting.
Aren’t we intelligent enough to do the same?

Krav Maga is ghey

The issue is that we gave niggers weapons. Then they turned against us.

Ghost Man O; War

I have to respectfully disagree in part at least. I know many blacks who are very keen to who did the slave trade and the holohoax and much more. The tribe missed their window for using them in mass to attack us. MOST dig us just fine. Sure many don’t, but daily, they are seeing through it also. But as in latinos that come in freshly indoctrinated, I’ve found that many in their own home countries have their own evil j tales to tell. They watch out tv and go out in this land and see things like, at the cash register they’re short a half dollar and a white person steps up and says, “No, don’t put that item back, I’ve got the rest… Read more »

Foster XL

Your first 2 sentences was enough dude & about all most people will read!

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Krav Maga is ghey

I pressed Read more>>> and th___________________

Ghost Man O; War

Yes sir! Let me bow down to the cutsy pic guy? Is that the deal here? hhaahhhaha You’re so clever. Look at the guy “cringing”. That’s you huh? Was it copywritten? Are ya gonna’ bill me for it? Thanks for not kicking my ass. Right? If we were in the same room, I highly doubt you’d do that without smiling, Pilgrim. Was that too long of a reply? If Sinny gets a cage league going, drop me a line. Every now and again, I feel like flooding some smartass with what I bring to the table. Pappy said to me, and yours may have failed, I don’t know. But it goes something like this, “Son, don’t F with something you know nothing about.” Just givin’… Read more »

Krav Maga is ghey

Sure mate. Many dindus dig Whites in South Africa just fine.
Don’t mind the other savages…

Ghost Man O; War

Krav, I’m the savage. They dig me because they know me. They’ve seen and heard what you do and don’t in my presence. I’m a joker, but easily provoked. Sorry but I think I’ll leave this site. I dig HV because he’s not a smart ass and I admire and highly respect him and Kyle. I would share a foxhole with these guys in any get down situation because I know none of us would settle for being the weakest link. I’ve stopped 3 assaults on ladies and 3 rapes. My life has meaning and I want more notches on my damn belt, to be frank about it. I bet they don’t shake and get rattled over mere comments or “savages”. Later, mate? If Kyle… Read more »


Has Charles ever done a show on the theory that the first 26 dynasties were ruled by Europeans as put forward in March of the Titans?


What is Charles email address?

Charles Lindell


What is your email?