Truth Hertz: CIA Promotion of Modern Art (11-16-16)

Charles discusses how the CIA promoted complete crap art to screw with our minds, alter our society, and divert attention away from their crimes.

Image: flickr

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4 years ago

And Donald Trump’s main purpose for being in office is to enrich himself and promote the jewish agenda.

4 years ago

Modern Art or rather Degenerate Art (German: entartete Kunst) was banned in Hitler Germany. FYI Charles since you said NS was controlled opposition in the past.

Reply to  Letz
4 years ago

And guess who was pushing Degenerate Art. Yes, correct again. This has also been in music too, where noise and atonal music (depends though, there are some good ones out there) became this anti-aesthetical menifestation, where anything could be deemed “Great” depending on what jew magazine you were on the front of.

Again, all glitz and pop trash dazzle. The jew rule: just keep adding more sugar and sweetener until it overloads you so you don’t care about the shit taste.

This is a type of Baudrillard “violence of the image” by pretty much sensory bashing and brain bashing (not the exercise bike) people into it.

4 years ago

I hope when Charles does the Jim Jones Day that he reports he is planning, that he will discuss Mark Lane, who was there, and according to wiki, loudly screamed and shouted to the followers, working them up to a frenzy, that the Congressman who was coming was CIA. out to hurt them, not to help them. Was he CIA, and what was his relationship to Amer. Free Press and associates?

4 years ago

Like Darryl Bradford Smith used to say when he had “technical” difficulties: “Seems like a zionist plot against me!”

4 years ago

Great show Charles. I saw vaxxed recently and see their periscope on twitter with stories. Seems like parents of vaxxed children..basically all in that time frame you mentioned and beyond…are one contingent of concentrated righteous rage to be harnessed against those slow killing us all.

4 years ago

I believe a poster in a previous show possibly from another host, put up a link that wrote about the modern art movement was a cover for money laundering, where art is made to appear worth x amount so as it can be bought. It is all pretty much garbage, but the point is the worth can be manipulated from millions to nothing depending on who has it and how it is presented (by the PR “art experts”). Kind of like how money itself has this contrived value.

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