Truth Hertz: Concern for CERN and Scientific Scams (1-31-18)

Charlie talks about the LHC and some of the warnings that have been given regarding its destructive powers, while also discussing some of the outlandish theories presented as absolute fact.

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The Big Bang theory is only slightly less retarded than the theory that “diversity is our strength”.


That is pretty horrible… I guess the only upside is the ”beefing up” of the ”LARGEST MALL IN AMERICA” – muzzie’s favorite hangout..
What a disaster… I wonder what the after effects, health wise, the citizens will experience during / after..
Maybe that false flag we’re all waiting around for will be covered?


so did you catch this? ”AT&T’s Project ‘Air Gig’ ”

Prepare to be microwaved like Orville Redenbaucher.

Scott the Strategerist

I haven’t listened yet, but if you’re attacking the Mandela Effect, then you’re wrong. I have evidence of it in my house. I’d like to see Renegade do shows on it though, from the WN perspective. Unlike other sites, Renegade doesn’t run from conspiracies or say they believe in the official story of 9/11!


The mandela effect is BS, unless you are talking about the propensity of blacks to run around hysterically and putting burning tyres around peoples necks.

Scott the Strategerist

I came into some money just before I became red-pilled and I bought the entire Marvel “Star Wars” comic series from the 70s and 80s. I also bought a lot of other early “Star Wars” merchandise. C3PO ALWAYS had TWO golden calves – not one that was silver! There was even a “Droids” series in the 80s where he was the main character and he was NEVER drawn except w/ two golden calves. I’ve even found earlier footage of him, such as outtakes from the first movie, television appearances, etc., and he ALWAYS had two golden calves. Explain?


Seriously, was it “Looney Toons” or “Looney Tunes”?


Toons makes more sense. Both come up on google though.

I think this mandella effect thing is just big brother gaslighting people. Just like Mr Orange was when he said during the election he saw thousands of muslims celebrating in the streets as the twin towers were burning. In New Jersey I believe he said. Somehow I’m finding that story just a little hard to believe.


That is down to brain function. Sometimes you assume things and think you saw them because of the brain filling in the blanks between assumptions. I have had stuff like I have noticed in movies that I never noticed before and then see them and I go back and check and it is there when I thought it wasnt: like your golden calves… wait, golden calves, golden bull??? Baal, the golden Baal calves? Anyway, there is something called the Reticular Activating System which draws attention to whatever is in the context of your focus i.e. you are interested in buying a particular car you start to see them more often etc. I think thoughts and assumptions can also be implanted because most of the time… Read more »


Most of the time you are not paying attention to the small details especially if your focus is on what is going on in the action. Have you ever seen the focus test on youtube about the gorilla walking past the basketball players? I think it is more of a case of that than anything else.


That’s how hypnosis and subliminal persuasion works. People can’t consciously focus on everything simultaneously. Anti-Whites put a lot of effort into subliminal persuasion and they are experts in the field. The fact that they can peddle outright lies and insanity as divine truths is testament to their skill.


It’s behavioral attitude conditioning. Its public information. If you study it and persuasion there’s no reason you can’t do what they do but even more effectively with truth.


The problem for anti-Whites is their need for 24/7 brainwashing to keep their program running. Just like the Soviet Union the amount of effort needed just to keep the charade going is enormous. They are extremely leveraged to the point where their moves are being limited by their own previous narratives. Everything they do just seems to wake more people up against the system. It’s hard to see how they can salvage the situation now. The 2016 US election was the anti-White’s version of “jumping the shark”. The level of absurdity was just mind blowing. The recent government shutdown over the welfare of illegal aliens is just another nail in the coffin of the anti-White system.