Truth Hertz: Concluding the Tesla Talk (3-15-18)

Charlie finishes up his notes on the suppression of Tesla, Einstein’s rivalry, and the BS of official science. He then briefly starts in on his next topic, which is Stanley Kubrick.

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Incontrovertible proof that the Florida bridge collapse was a 100% jew hoax. Look at the disappearing vehicle. Definite green screen.


The people walking backwards was a bit suspicious plus the disappearing car. The guy being interviewed seemed fake with no emotions describing someone dying in front of him. The cranes don’t take hours to setup though. I would expect the crane to hang around to help clean up the mess or rescue people stuck under the rubble.


I bet that so called Einstein quote is out there for every discipline.
I heard when Jimi Hendrix was asked what’s it like to be the greatest guitarist in the world, Jimi replied. I don’t know ask Rory Gallagher.

Foster XL

I saw Rory Gallagher live when I was young – Jimi wasn’t being sarcastic!


I heard Kyle say that Tesla didn’t even rate a mention at the Smithsonian. That’s criminal considering the work he did. At least the electrical engineers honor his name with the Tesla award.

Another guy who isn’t really mentioned a lot was the creator of Coral Castle in Florida. He seemed to be another one in the Tesla mould. He put his theories into action. He used to sell a book on electricity vs magnetism at the Castle. I had a scanned copy that wasn’t very clear but it did seem to align with Teslas work.