Truth Hertz: Concluding the Corruption of China & the Crucifixion of Cosby (5-24-18)

Charlie finishes his discussion on jewish subversion of China by taking it into the 20th century. Then he gets on to his views on the Cosby rape case and takes some calls.

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In my experience, your defense of Bill Cosby is inappropriate. Did you ever spend an evening with Bill Cosby? No? I did. Twice when I was an aspiring young actress. First with my jewish boss, Bill Cosby and a few others after a performance by Cosby. In private Cosby told disgusting “jokes” including saying he had sex with Mexican prostitutes who were so poor they couldn’t afford a bed and had to use a sawhorse to have sex on. Cosby asked me to go out to dinner with him. I felt pressured not to be “racist” or alienate a powerful man in the business and so met him for dinner at a trendy restaurant. Even though he was married, Cosby tried to manipulate me into… Read more »

Your full of crap. How can we believe your telling the truth. ! Men are always fucked over by little cunts bitches who want fame. Charles is bringing out discrepencirs and BS lies fed by the zio kike media! The media hates all races and thus humanity needs to be defended against these buggers.

Who are you? What is your real name?

These are psyops! Women should dress more natural conservative. If you dress in a miniskirt and pumps what the fuck do you expect. I would grab a girl up her legs if shes slutty. No problem. Crosby was set up i believe! No big deal.

Clarification: My questions were for Vasgard.

I can appreciate Elena’s concerns about Charlie seeming to defend Cosby and based on what I know from her online presence I’d have to say I believe her.
That being said, I did NOT get from this that Charles was defending Cosby, rather that he was exposing how jews operate and the high probability that Cosby the definite rapist probably posed some sort of threat to them. I am taking into account the murder of his son as further evidence.

Cosby wasn’t crucified Charlie. He was a typical degenerate nigger that was raping White women for 40 years, and because of the jew media propping up black comedians as “superstars”, they allowed him to get away with it. Just because he finally was offered up as a sacrifice to take the heat off of all the jews that were being also pointed out for sexual assault doesn’t mean he’s being crucified. This should have happened a long time ago.

Charlie’s a nigger lover, like most American ‘men.’ Disgusting.

Charles is a lover of all true humanity and isn’t here as a white nationalist. He is supportive of our message because he recognizes the efforts to genocide us. Calling him a nigger lover is completely uncalled for and since he doesn’t read comments, quite cowardly, as he won’t be here to defend himself. This lady does not appreciate the unnecessary ugliness towards Charles.

Awww, how sweet. ‘Charles is a lover of all true humanity’ – except for White women who have been raped by niggers like Cosby, in which case, don’t ‘throw racial slurs and degrade people’ (see comment by ‘Yrton’) lest you find yourself a victim of the Renegade Kumbaya Morality Squad. Pathetic! The dozen or so people who actually listen to Giuliani’s show deserve better…I guess…

Being a nasty piece of work isn’t helpful to our aims.

You’re right, downbred and dysgenic guineas like Giuliani who defend nigger rapists of White women are total Movement Heroes™ – how could I have been so blind?

Point made

Guines? How dare! And who is the race traitor now!?!

Italian heroes such as Luca Traini deserve one’s veneration, NOT the genetic riffraff and trash from the continent like Giuliani that managed to wash up on America’s shores. Simply ranting into a microphone and recording it for three people to listen to is fine, I suppose, but if you’re a nigger lover and defend the rapists of White women, you’re going to get called out. Simple as that. Truth hertz, doesn’t it?

If Charlie the “downbred and dysgenic guinea” is “Simply ranting into a microphone and recording it for three people to listen to” what does that say about someone who bothers to take the time to then come in & make a series of critical comments engaging with other commenters several times over over the last couple of days since the show finished? You don’t sound as puffed up as you’re trying to appear – you sound like some pathetic little loser sitting behind a screen typing words because it’s easy & that’s all you can actually do. Until you’re able to prove otherwise really all you are is some obscure little word typer hiding behind a nom-de-plume – pretty much the pure definition of coward… Read more »

Your parents have a wonderful daughter, Scarlett. Just sayin’. Ladies like you are worth the world. Remember as Pappy told me, “Sonny, one lady is worth 1000 women.” Ya know, Pappy knew his shi#!” aahahhah Love and honor to a lovely and honorable lady. Bye bye love. Hello to Sinny also. You’re a talented one indeed. Later my friends. Sorry about my rant the other day counter attacking that buttwipe, Goyette. If I’m wrong about Goyette, then I apologize. If not, my rant stands firm. ahhahhahh Have a great evening Ladies and good gentlemen.

We cannot know what kind of life experiences goyette has had that has led to such vitriolic bitterness. Gods know I understand bitterness, with good reason. In fact, I don’t exactly agree with Charlie on the Cosby issue. More than likely he is a sexual predator whose wealth and rise to fame couldn’t disguise his feral negro instincts. I just took issue with her personal attack on Charles that I found uncouth and inappropriate. Charles is a very genuine fellow, IMO, and often uses this forum to not only share indepth research on particular subjects, but also ramble on about his personal insights on any given matter. Some of us around here appreciate that and find it refreshing, even if we don’t always agree with… Read more »
I appreciate Charlie’s research and outlook, but honestly, I didn’t and I don’t care to listen to him defend Cosby. It’s a waste of my time. Sadly, there are too many ”American” men and women who think they ‘love’ football – aka – majority convict niggers in tights chasing balls. Basketball at least has looser pants, but still niggers. I don’t usually refer to someone of the black population as a nigger, but convicts, celebrities, and the like, are well, niggers. They are far from the best examples of their race, and Cosby is just another one of em’. Fake. He’s a professional jewish liar and their lap dog. Doesn’t matter what your skin color is, in jewish mafia run hollywood, that’s just the way… Read more »

Legit criticism of all races is not only fine but also important.
Throwing racial slurs and degrading people is not only a bad strategy but sometimes also a sign of disingenuous person.

”Throwing racial slurs and degrading people is not only a bad strategy but sometimes also a sign of disingenuous person.”
Pretty black and white thinking wouldn’t ya say?
You could call it ‘bad strategy’, but that’s about it.

Agreed. Keeping it vague and saying “but sometimes also a sign of [a] disingenuous person” is a very convenient ‘strategy’. I am sure though having an opinion on everything and always being right (or being seen to be) is not at all passive aggressive or disingenuous, even if it does come with a multitude of smiles and lols.

”Throwing racial slurs and degrading people is not only a bad strategy but sometimes also a sign of disingenuous person.”
Pretty black and white thinking wouldn’t ya say?
You could call it ‘bad strategy’, but that’s about it.

Not really at all. And here’s some thoughts why,

hmm.. I see. That does make sense, and I can see the point, but I think claiming someone as disingenuous for a comment is a stretch.
It is the struggle of our lifetime to endure and destroy this truly vile jewish utopia that we have allegedly let dominate … It is disheartening and disgusting to waste such precious time on the idea of whether a black professional liar was a rapist for most of his life or not.

Saying “Nigger” when you’re trying to make a point, doesn’t add value to what you’re saying. There hasn’t been a shortage of control opposition figures who have discredited our movement by stupid stuff like that.
When we can resort to explaining our points using real arguments, why do we have to use words that are used to marginalize us?

“When we can resort to explaining our points using real arguments, why do we have to use words that are used to marginalize us?”

a thousand times, this.

Ah, I see. To the quivering, judaized wimp, mean and scary words are utterly taboo. Sophistry goes into overdrive as you cower in fear of getting punished in some way for those mean and scary words – “it doesn’t add value” (in the eyes of whom? Wimps and moral cowards like yourself?) and the specious “only controlled opposition would dare to use such bad words!” Guess what? Niggers rape, harass and assault White women on a genocidal scale. Not your preferred Based Black Guys, either – NIGGERS. It doesn’t make me a ‘bitter’ woman to point any of this out, either! Giuliani’s accent is unbearable to listen to and his pseudo-intellectual arrogance is disgusting, so I sincerely hope Sinead and Kyle (whom I support and… Read more »

Maybe… just don’t listen to him then?

Ah, I see.

No. You really don’t.

I agree goyette, great comment. Sinead said Nigger on firestarter all of the time she even had a “Nigger Report”. If they are acting like a Nigger call them a Nigger if they deserve it.

And here is a clip from the series The Office in which a jew (in real life) tries to justify the sentiment found in that Chris Rock skit.

I mean, come the fuck on people. This is just fucking sad.

Goyette “To the quivering, judaized wimp, mean and scary words are utterly taboo.” It’s not “mean and scary words”. Are you actually that goddamn dense or are you just some troll? Your posts so far read to me like condensed Daily Stormer articles. It’s about being viable, realistic, and trying to operate as successfully within the framework that is available to us currently. You know how many Whites I’ve talked to who agree with me on basic points but get turned off immediately once they hear a racial slur? Quite a few in my experience and it’s telling. I swear, some of these clowns on here and the Tribune don’t have any interest whatsoever in getting past “WN 1.0” and thats a real shame because… Read more »

I don’t have a problem with anyone saying nigger, the problem was calling a loyal network host a nigger lover.

“The best method is to let the commenters hash it out.” And this is just one (of many) reasons Renegade is a shining beacon of truth! I generally don’t often say nigger when discussing our plight though the term often fits, because in the broader scope we are trying to reach those of our people still under the massive and all encompassing mind control virus that has loaded such terms to the point that they are triggers which can slam shut the minds we are trying to open.

Bill Cosby is not being crucified by women finally coming out and exposing this Black piece of scum . If you want to see what Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement was all about , go to the pornographic sites and see all the ugly Blacks using their horse sized sexual tools defiling White women especially in every imaginable way possible. Somewhere it’s said that the Black communist Martin Luther King said when he saw John’s wife, Jacqaline: “She’s giving him one last blow job.” And I understand Matt Hale is in prison for criticizing this Black piece of crap for his sexual escapades . It’s all the successful Blacks who are worth money that bitch about never having enough rights and privilagesv It’s the… Read more »

When Charlie started showing signs of respiratory distress while speaking the truth about a high profile psychological operation , I must admit… I was a little anxious. Take care.

I think it was from all the oinking.

Don’ try to defend Cosby or any other pervert by saying :”Why did these women wait so long ” or “these millionaires or people with money do not need to go after women around them.” Boys and girls have been abused by the Catholic priests , and even Andy Griffth’s was said to have been after the actress who played the school teacher on his show. Sex is the only act that a young person has a subconscious shame about and keeps it to himself. And it sometimes takes years to admit it and tell others or to talk about it. And when you are working around people who have power over you, you sometimes give in with shame within knowing it is wrong but… Read more »
I met a women in a business situation and knew her for a while and she told me that she was raped, or daughter was raped and all her friends were raped. And it is us decent guys that get these women when guys like Cosby and Weinstein are done with them. England is known for its pedophilia. Make a show on that. Prince Harry is an example of a guy who could have any women he wants that’s available and he wants a married women, who divorced her husband for no reason except that she didn’t need him once she felt she had what she wanted in life and success , notoriety and money. There’s even talk that she was married before and had… Read more »

People used to think O.J. was a wholesome black man too. Black men are the main abusers of white women. There are plenty of Jews still getting away with worse than what Cosby has done I’m sure though.

At first thought, Bill Cosby seems to be the Ursula Haverbeck for the black community.
Where the entire white population should be in arms at the walls of her prison, picking off brick by brick to set her free, Cosby is what the black community probably looks to as that ”father figure” most black children and women are missing and hoping for.
I have no idea if he is innocent, guilty or whatever.. to me it’s just another OJ show trial, only this time, the aim could be to piss off the black population even more against ”evil whitey”.
Inflaming the racial tensions.

It’s all stage and theatre. These are not real stories, but rather elaborate dramas. Nothing is real on the idiot box.

Agreed. Jewish theater. Eating up what precious time we have with bullshit lies.
Anything to prevent the inevitable rising tide.

I was stopping by and saw your name Amber. Had to say hello to ya. So, hello to ya, doll. Have a great evening and I enjoy reading your comments. You’re groovy as they get.

Personally I thought the guy calling in and Charles usual good and even fun and sometimes hilarious responses (….those slippery ass bastards…) were great. The call in DID ask good questions learners can get a grasp on when in a discussion of debate in the future. It’s all about understanding these, shall I dare say, shall I, hell yes I shall say, understanding these slippery ass bastards. They’re just so filthy and soulless. If I see any race stranded on the side of the road I pull over and fix their car or go get them some fuel, but when a J see’s someone struggling, they drive on by smiling and the kids in the back seat pull out a jougi board surface and start… Read more »

Holy shit! You have quite an imagination. It’s a good thing you’re not a Jew. [ quick note: When I got to the las word of the previous sentence my keyboard’s 3 suggestions were good, Jew, and fan. Spooky! It’s obviously monitoring me. ] I’m glad you’re on our side.

Charlie, I have spent many hours listening to your programming and I’m glad I did. But I have to say that your narrative that Yahweh is a real entity that is directly frigging up our world is positively unhelpful and dis-empowering. Science teaches us that you can account for our world and its inhabitants entirely by impersonal forces and natural phenomena. The idea that there just has to be a personal God behind it is not self-evident logic but a monotheistic bias. At the risk of being presumptuous, that seems to be the part of your prior belief that you haven’t yet gotten rid of. That said, I would like to say thanks for all the great programming you’ve done.

Unfortunately Charles does not read comments. You should call in. I would like to hear his response to your question.

You obviously haven’t listened to enough of Charlie’s shows. I’ve heard him say on numerous occasions that this religion & everything about it complete BS, including the existence of their deity BUT that IF it did exist then it would be the Devil himself. He’s not saying he believes that Yahweh exists – he’s saying that THEY believe he does. I know some shows he comes across as sounding like he still thinks Yahweh exists but that’s only because he’s already prefaced many times in previous shows that he knows it’s all made up BS. Imagine having to explain that prior to every time you talked about this deity in nearly every show? Get the point?

Thank you for your response, Foster XL. I can tell that you do listen to a lot of Charlie’s stuff. But you must notice that Charlie is openly hostile toward Darwin and the concept of biological evolution. In attacking scientific concepts, Charlie sounds a lot like a religious person. This is not an attempt to dump on Charlie. It is very common for people to evolve from one stage of their lives to another but not completely leave the prior stage behind. A person who is anti-religious but still supernaturally oriented tends to treat science as just another religion. The biggest contrast between science and religion is that for better or worse, science has produced all this technology that we encounter constantly whereas religion has… Read more »
Hah! Actually I don’t, it’s an on-again/off-again relationship, just that I’ve heard him say that enough times in the past to get where he’s coming from. Also, don’t assume I’m necessarily siding with Charlie or am a “fan” because you’d be wrong if you did. I understand what you’re saying but you’re talking in absolute generalizations like “science” & the “supernatural” are either/or like religion/atheism or red team/blue team and they are not. What you also need to understand is that literally ANYTHING can be a religion & I would posit that what is generally termed “mainstream science” today, where the dullard TV-watching masses “believe” what is told to them by the “trusted experts” & accept it as “truth” without any research of their own… Read more »

So, you don’t believe in unseen forces?powers and principalities of the universe? There are many people in this movement that recognize demonic forces at work, and they aren’t Christians or monotheistic.

You might be right that there are mysterious forces or beings out there. What worries me is the tendency of believers in such entities to warn us that these forces are killing us and we can’t do anything about it. There is a lot of punditry online, some of it compatible with this platform that, in one way or another, makes it sound like the deck is so stacked against the righteous that there’s no point in even fighting. Well then, what are we talking about. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed this conversation.

I see it like this… The evil psychopaths that currently rule our world have managed to maintain and grow in power. Meanwhile, everyday, billions of people throughout the world invoke the name of Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, etc. They perform symbolic and actual sacrifice to this entity and raise cones of power through “prayer” and song. It is my belief that these actions infuse this being with power which is then transferred to his minions; jews, who continue to maintain their grip on power. The more people who see this, and cease and desist from participating in this black magic, the stranglehold will loosen. We mustn’t ignore the spiritual realm of our struggle.

Don’t want to speak for Charles but I don’t think he claims Yahweh is real only that there exists a dark evil energy most likely conjured up by the priestly faction of the tribe to appeal to our lowest base instincts, they personified this dark energy and gave it a name that’s all.

PS-Read “The Monsters of Babylon-How the Jews betrayed Mankind “

Yet another show in which Charlie suddenly drops everything to answer callers who deliberately take him off topic for the remainder of the show. Every bit as disastrous as the Tesla show

Telsa show was way worse, your obviously wiser to the game, but I found that caller’s conversation very interesting. And not really off topic as it related to what Charles opened the show with.

The Topic in the 2nd hour was the Bill Cosby rape scandal. The topic during the first hour was the jewish subversion of China. The caller saw fit to not call until the second hour to discuss religion for an hour and 20 minutes when a new topic started. It was off-topic!

And what is Charles most talked about topic. You getting this show for free quit complaining. Charles can moderate as he see fit.

Quit your whining Cory, you sound like a right fuckwit! Charlie does his shows how Charlie sees fit as other normal, mature people here have already said. If you’re that upset about how somebody else runs their own shows then simply turn it off or start doing your own… oh that’s right, you’re just a sheepish little cunt who’d rather let someone else do all the work for free while you sit back & whine that they didn’t do things the way YOU wanted them to! What a complete tool!

He’s not attacking Charlie, bro. Its just that Charlie does get callers that purposely derail him.

Yes he does & I’m not “defending” Charlie either as anyone can simply take or leave his shows based on the content. However, if the pathetic sum total of someone’s effort to come here & comment is just to whine & whimper about the direction any show took then they’re fair game!

Charlie is a big boy and wears big boy pants. If he thought it was a problem, he would simply tell the caller to hang up and call back in later.