Truth Hertz: Concluding with Christ and His Clan (10-14-19)

Charlie finishes up the notes he started with Egypt months ago, leading into the royal blood of king Jesus and his wife Mary. Then Charlie gives us a brief preview of what he’s got lined up.

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4 years ago

To all Christians, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU!
BELIEVE at your own demise & stupidity.

4 years ago

The Jews and Catholic Church are both running our Government in Washington, D.C. The both seek world control and domination . The Catholic Church considers itself the ruler of this world and the Pope its king.
It’s no surprise that now that Donald Trump has given the Jews their world empire capital and the Golan Heights , that he is now facing threats of impeachment. He’s a Protestant . He has served his purpose. Now the One Worlders can see that many want a women President and support socialism. They got away with their Black President. now they can try to push harder and faster.

Reply to  Eugene
4 years ago

The pope wears a yarmulke, I rest my case.

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