Truth Hertz: Confused Quotes in the Bible (8-23-16)

Man reading the Bible

Charles talks about many Bible passages and all the misquotes.

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Killer of Trolls

I think you should cover the Talmud next, that racist book of jew supremacy hate filled garbage

Steve L

Hopefully this may throw some light on the subject, provided one makes the effort:

That’s an interesting read, Steve, thanks for that !

I ended up navigating here re: “Jews” :

Steve L

You are welcome Roj – it is a huge blog, enjoy.


When I started looking for an answer to the question “why are the Jews hated?” that started an entire education of a lifetime in researching the answers. Now, decades later my Jew wise knowledge makes listening to Charlie so very enjoyable as he points out all the disgusting issues that the Jew book praises.
Charlie is so very funny at times in his descriptions and observations while revealing the truth at the same time. When I get a good chuckle while listening, that makes his show that day particularly priceless for me.


Charles…. what a way to live. “Disgust” is your religion.