Truth Hertz: Conspiracy in the Cosby Case (5-30-18)

Charlie continues his discussion on the case against Bill Cosby and why he doesn’t think things add up regarding the guilty verdict. Was there a conspiracy to take down this icon?

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OT: Renegades who remember former, short time host Chris Dorsey; check out this interview pub’d today with host Adam Green, Know More News YT channel. Dorsey’s more obnoxious than ever /rolleyes
a quick skip through is all’s necessary to see the insanity


lol I am watching it right now. I came to renegade to see if anyone mentioned it. I like know more news but it looks like he bleaches his hair and beard to look aryan, reminiscent of baked alaska. His name Adam Green is suspicious as well.

I tried to watch one of Adam Greens videos and found him cringeworthy. “Omgzzz this information is like SO dangerous guys!” – almost a verbatim quote in his Zionist Plan To Take Over The World video. So dangerous, yet the video is still up, with 29 thousand views. Yet the Herr Nordstrom YT account which mirrors a lot of Renegade content is only afforded, it appears, at least 2 thousand views before the videos on that account get their information swiped.

Yeah, I’m personally not buying this guy as genuine.


Green posted 2 more vids overnight; another w/Dorsey, & one re Infowars. A.Green is real blond; or else he’d be doing “dark roots touchups” semi daily. Plus I’m blond & beard grows the same 2-tone way, with pale blond mustache & lower lip, darker blond greater beard area. But you’re onto something with his name– he said himself in a recent interview he conducted (but I forget WHICH?!), where he mentioned to the interviewee (J.Friend? Jawaan Rubin?), that his name “Green” is actually JEWISH. The convo just went on without any further explanation from AG re family/ethnic history, & disparity re his appearance vs his carrying a jewish name?! You figure he would launch into that voluntarily, given his current niche is “exposing the… Read more »


Adam Green looks a lot like Ron Perlman

comment image


He looks just like Ron Pearlman! He is definitely ashkenazi. I don’t mind Jews who expose the truth, I like Bobby Fischer, and David Cole’s research helped me. If he was genuine he would just be himself and say who he is. At this point to me he is an obvious shill and a good one. We don’t know who these people are, it seems to be a common running theme for them to bleach their hair. I admit I am perplexed to say the least as to Adam’s original hair color. If it is bleached he is definitely getting it done by a high end professional weekly. He looks too manicured, something is off imo. These people are hired actors so of course they… Read more »


There are quite a few naturally blond, blue-eyed Ashkenazi out there, especially in the Holowood industry, due to hundreds of years of mixing with Northern type people. Some prefer uprading, others prefer inbreeding 😉 That’s part of the deception agenda, because in many cases you cannot tell by the looks alone who is who. Everything is possible. There are Indian Jews, Asian Jews, African Jews, who think they are the true “Hebrews”, Iranian Jews …. Muslim Jews, Christian Jews, Atheist Jews, Donmeh, Marrano and all sorts of Cryptos all over the place …


Well I am talking about askenazi (imo those are the most annoying). Even though there are all kinds of jews I think there is a certain genetic component in the Askenazi due to extreme inbreeding that makes them easy to spot. An arab jew just looks like another arab to me and a black jew looks like a black guy to me. I am not talking about your Scarlet Johanssen’s out there with a full European nordic father. I am talking about these mostly eastern European and Russian, Hassidic, orthodox American Jews. I live in the Northeast in a very Jewish area so I deal with them a lot. Thanks for your insight though. Yes there are some naturally blonde jews but it’s rare and… Read more »


Green is typical Jewish surname, like also White and Black, by the way. They are anglicized versions of German names they used to have, when they lived in Central Europe.

Jimmy Fry

Guiliani great broadcast again :


The racism on this site is alarming …. CG is entitled to his own opinion, yet is attacked by WS who take the Jew cheese to divide and conquer.


“Racism” is a weaponized word, coined by the mass murdering jewish bolshevik Leon Trotsky, in order to shut down any discussion that doesn’t go along by their plan.
Try refuting the opposing ideas indstead of attacking the messengers.


Using the N word is by any euphemism (trotted out liberally by white Supremacists like many of you) is racism. Your rejoinders prove your ignorance and hatred to evolved minds who actually have white and non white close friends.

Oh, fuck off troll. Renegade is the only pro-White outlet that doesn’t even engage in what youre talking about. Also, your non-White friends have anti-White feelings that they don’t express or articulate to you. I’m certain that such sentiments exist within the feelings of my own non-White friends, perhaps not on a regular basis but theyre certainly there. Guaranteed. Every race does it, bro. And guess what? I don’t begrudge them of that. They’re free to feel however they want. We live in a society of much artificial racial tension. It would be foolish to think that the grass is only green on the other side. So, so much for your “evolution” (the likes of which only exist in your own inflated ego and nowhere… Read more »


Count the black numbers on your phone and get back to me. It’s like Kyle saying he wont invite blacks over bc he has a son. LMAO, that’s some classic, hysterical cowardly/racist thinking right there. Done listening to Renegade other than CG’s stuff.

Heathen vegan

If you don’t have black friends you have no opinion? What a retarded statement.Kyle can invite who ever he wants to his house……. Freedom of association, maybe look it up.

you come here and literally bitch about racism……… I mean are you a joker? The European peoples of this world are being genocided, and you’re more concerned with who Kyle does or doesn’t have over to dinner, and about being called a racist?

Go walk in 10 black neighborhoods at night and report back how welcomed you were. ( P.S dont actually do this, I don’t want blood on my hands)

Foster XL

LMFAO! cp3 owned! Or should I say absolutely shredded! Not hard with these ANTI-WHITE (REAL) RACISTS to the point that you almost feel bad for them… almost.


Foster, you might wanna read above. And then call your zero non-white pals and gloat 🙂


How bout beating this, Kyle, I have coached inner city kids for 40 years and overall their folks have treated me like their own, poured their generosity over me, given me gifts, invited me to their weddings, BBQs, to their homes, and all in all treated me better and more honestly than whites. Just looking at your face speaks enough to me. You’re and your followers are penultimate scared and ignorant beings. You are pawns for the elite Jews. It’s enlightening too that you never came to CG’s aide while people called him the worst of names. Shows what kind of soul you truly possess. If that’s my brethren, my co-worker, I would come on his show, post something to have his back. Not you… Read more »

cp3: Your “superior virtue” testimony would be more convincing if you used your real name.

What would also be convincing re: your “superior virtue” is if you spent time helping Whites who have been victims of black crime. Are they not important to you?

BTW it wasn’t until blacks attacked and shot my brother that I started wanting to avoid blacks. Even after that I was kind to/helped blacks. Now I have compassion fatigue re: blacks.


cp3 You come here to whine about racism? Are you serious? GTFO, deluded boomer.


N word? You mean nigger or nazi?


Do you rail against “raysizzum” against whites on negro sites? Oh looord, I rhymed unintentionally, I must be a rap king. KUZ I WUZ A KAAAANG MUFUKKA! This is proof that I have negro genes… Wot jew cheese? Is it kosher cheese, or do I have to take a loan to get the jew cheese? Or is it jew dick cheese?


Jew dick cheese. Ewwwwwwwwwww. Gross!