Truth Hertz: Continued Coverage of the Covid Crisis (5-25-20)

Charlie has continued coverage of the crazy world that has been quickly unfolding thanks to the planned coronavirus crisis.

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Can someone please explain how a person who is censored can come on every week and kavetch about how he is censored. The chutzpah eh.

The only problem I had with Brian is how he would be in stitches telling Charles how screwed America was/is. Like as if the miserable state of Canada is someing to be proud of.

No one is stopping you from calling in. Stop playing the eternal victim. Just keep your calls short and concise. Are we asking too much from you with this. It would seem so.

Foster XL

Yep spot on Nuada. Brian’s pathetic whining about being censored is starting to sound VERY jewy indeed! Poor widdle Brian who gets more airtime on Charlie’s shows than any other caller I’ve ever heard call in on ANY Renegade show but oh, “woe is me, I’m being (((censored)))”. Funny though, I’ve never heard him being cut off or blocked or told to shut up while he’s talking so “censored”? Uhhh NO! Douchebag! I think he’s just always hated Renegade because the truth here is just a little TOO truthful for an oldschool trooftard who like ALL dem trooftards finks he knowz mor troof dan any uvver troofer out dere! 😀


You guys should gather some courage amongst yourselves and call in.


He should have the common sense and decency not to have taken up as much time as he had been. It should not have taken the listeners to point this out in the comments. Now that he is keeping his calls to a respectful length he moans about being censored. How can a man be trusted when he tells such obvious lies. I for one have nothing to add to a show. I tune into Renegade to learn and listen to like minded people. What would be the point of me calling in? To waste more of the hosts time? Your comment is ridiculous and devious as you are just trying to prop Brian up as some courageous man because he calls in. While you… Read more »

Foster XL

Spot on again Nuada. Around here we all know the talkback radio shows on the MSM as “steam valves”. I used to be forced to listen to them for a few years early on because the bosses mother at a place I worked had it running constantly & we weren’t allowed to turn it off (LOL!). On there we have controlled op hosts who act like they’re anti the government so that lonely “grumpy old men” who have never been effective during their lives at actually “doing” anything can call in & vent their anger to let off a bit of steam & get back to their mundane existences. Brian comes off as exactly one of these types of people. You know, the types that… Read more »

Foster XL

Denver said – “…courage…

I suppose you think homosexuals are “heroes” too. It doesn’t take “courage” to phone in to a radio or internet show. A few genuine people call in occasionally but most just have too much time on their hands because they are not using that time properly. It does take REAL courage though to say “No!” & take a stand physically when necessary. It is necessary right now but how many “men” do you really see doing this today? I’ll tell you – fuck all! Talk is cheaper than ever these days – man up or STFU!

Daniel M Deblasio

Brian is great


Yes he is a great liar.

Daniel M Deblasio

Lol, you are too much. I do not agree with every article or comment on Renegade Tribune. Sometimes it is better just to turn the volume down or up. I’m sure Brian will have something worth listening to sooner or later.


Are you related to Bill Deblasio?

Daniel M Deblasio

Nope, I was adopted by an Italian family.

Foster XL

No, he really isn’t. More likely just a lonely old guy with too much time on his hands who gets offended too easily & sees all critique as negative personal attack. The reason the ton of bricks is coming down now is precisely because he couldn’t take the gentle hints years ago when people were just trying the gentle friendly approach. Add to that that in his very first call-in to Charlie on Renegade he criticized this network & asked “Why THIS network though?” and you can start to see why nearly everyone listening has got to the point where we’re just completely over this irritating moron.


I partly agree with you Nuada. But c’mon, miserable state? Pot, Kettle, Black. Look Yanks, our two countries are of the few who have friendly relations, let’s not be drawn in to the NWO jerks who want us fighting among ourselves. We know of the Trudeau idiots in Ottawa. As for Brian, I would advise him to stop calling in, period.


Steve I’m from Ireland. My country is in the same state as the rest of the west which is miserable. That it not to say it will continue to be so. Its just as it is right now. And I take no pleasure in saying so.

My point was that Brian would seem to get a kick out of telling Charles how screwed America is. It really would piss me off that he would think that is funny.


Good show until Charlie started to praise the Mossad shill (and possible crypto) Bolsonaro who has declared his love for Israel many times. He is also a pusher of the highly toxic drug chloroquine and the claim that it can treat “covid-19”. A false claim which originated first from a jewish doctor called Vladimir Zelenko, who is also part of Chabad. Chabad members has met with Bolsonaro and gave him their ‘blessings’ on his success. The chloroquine push has heavily benefited the Israeli company ‘Teva’. The Chairman of the Board of Teva, Sol Barer, is connected to Chabad as he has attended at least one of their events and helped to raise money for one of Chabads yeshivas where they teach hatred towards all non-jews.… Read more »


And yet supposedly Brazil’s covid death count is staggering… I don’t believe nothing of what the MSM says, plus it’s true that Bolsonaro is a fucking jew shill. The truth is that no one is in our side, at least not anyone of the “nationalist” shills we see in the news. The MSM knows that a sizeable number of people everywhere doesn’t believe them much, so they play reverse psychology tricks and bash their supposed enemies for all the wrong reasons, making strawman after strawman so their zionist champs get the support they need from deluded antis (not necessarily antisemites). Just like the Left, the Right is kosher too, and I’d even say that the Right is more kosher than the Left. Thinking in terms… Read more »

Johnny Walker Read

Wiki Joe says the Covi vac. will have a strain of malaria in it, and they will say it is a form of Chloroquine. Who knows. I’d stay away from the vaccine and Chloroquine myself.

Juan Betancourt

Is There A Virus Or Not –


Yep there is. It’s called ‘I’m more awakened than you’


Its a jew virus