Truth Hertz: Coronavirus Crisis & The Red Paint People (2-3-20)

Charlie talks about the current manufactured crisis and then gets into the worldwide people who had a particular paint they liked to use in their burial practices, and why the real history has been covered up.


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I lost my job as a Lab-Manager with Mayo Clinic at Jacksonville for not getting vaccinated. [Italian Puerto-Rican here]


I’m happy that you didn’t give in and let them under your skin. Good job!


Good for you. Fuck them.

Juan Betancourt

Brutal – Post Modern Screw Job America


Were you able to apply for unemployment benefits while you looked for other work?

In Gratitude

The Jews don’t want people to understand that White people were the first people in America. This would destroy their narrative of White man bad, all other races good. Even thought right now Israelis are deporting Africans out of Africa.


Exporting Africans from Africa to other nations around the world is something they’ve done since ancient times. Back then it was under the guise of slavery now it’s under the guise of humanitarianism. The reason why there is African admixture in many individuals among the Middle Eastern and South Asian populations is because of the Muslim Slave trade that was run by jews which exported 12 to 15 million Africans from Africa to the Middle East and South Asia. This is why both North America and South America is saturated with Africans, it was only thanks to slavery. It was the jews method back then to push multiculturalism because people back then would not accept Africans as equals in their countries but would accept them… Read more »

In Gratitude

Thanks Ursa for the info.


Luckily I was able to see the Dickson Mounds skeletal display exhibit before it was covered over many years ago. If I remember correctly there were also many mammoth bones and tusks on display there as well. These remains have no direct connection with current Native American tribes, but their protests along with “changing attitudes” of the Smithsonian Institute and others caused the display, that was the main draw of the site, to be covered over. See these two stories. Smithsonian and similar museums collectively own more than 600,000 skeletal remains, but many of these skeletons cannot be linked to any particular tribe or group (so they can be retained as museum property and made available to field archaeologists who may have no… Read more »

Juan Betancourt

I Have Yet To Meet A Trump Fuck That Wasn’t A Straight Up Moron. If They’re Are Any Non – Moron Trump Acolytes, I Would Really Like To Meet Them

Hans Christian Andjustusecorrectgrammeryoumoron

It astounds me why so many people have so much trouble with the use of the words – there their they’re (they are) your you’re (you are) …etc It is such simple grammar yet so many people struggle severely with the use of these words! It is also not commonly a mistake of people with ESL but rather of English-speaking people & very commonly Americans in my experience. In the above example for instance all that was needed was the word “there” yet this person has used “they’re are”. He/she is literally saying “they are are” as well as not using the correct word. Now I see people arguing online (you know what they about that!) all the time that grammar is not important &… Read more »