Truth Hertz: Coronavirus Crunch Time, Predictive Programming & End Times (3-16-20)

Charlies talks about how quickly things are escalating with the coronavirus lockdown, how predictive programming always seems to precede big events, and gets back into his notes about how “the end of days” has been imminent for thousands of years.

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Foster XL

Just got to listen to this show which was great as usual BUT it has to be said – that f’ing Steph was annoying as f…! Did she just push her cardboard boxes aside & reach into her shopping trolley to grab her welfare phone & call Charlie? And how much cheap vodka was she sculling back during the show? The last time she called a while back there was negative comments about her & she didn’t call again for ages. Let’s hope she reads this & NEVER calls Charlie again with her painful annoying uneducated crap! These drunk-ass “old” troofers are the absolute worst kind out there thinking they’re “awake” & “know” what others don’t. In reality they just stumbled on a tiny fragment… Read more »


That goes for that hyperannoying Brian as well, he always derails Charlie, carries on for ages without adding anything of value. When he starts with “old buddy”, I forward about half an hour.

Foster XL

Haha! You’re not wrong! That guy used to bug the living you-know-what out of me always telling Charlie they must do a show together about the moon landings & going on for ages about it taking him off-topic. After there was a few comments about him a while ago he too toned it down for a while but now he’s back to ringing nearly every show. Always ends by saying “Oh well I don’t want to take you too far off-topic & derail your show buddy so I’d better go” as if to justify his calls every time lol! To my knowledge Charles has never done a show with him over all the years he’s been calling. For a straight shooter Charlie can be pretty… Read more »


Hahahaha, Brian has been derailing Charlie’s shows for at least 6 years now. The other day i found an old show of Charlie going back to 2014 and i listened to it, during the show Charlie got a caller, and i was thinking to myself jokingly that i hope this isn’t Brian calling in and to my suprise, it was actually fucking Brian that called in, hahaha.

Robert Heimdal

Looking forward to listening to this new Charlie’s podcast.
Sencha McRae posted this interesting video yesterday, looking at the “pandemic” psy-op from another angle; the total market collapse as a result of so-called “coronavirus”. The occupied EU territory is completely shut-down and ready for the JWO. As per usual (((Qui Bono)))

Robert Heimdal


For what I’ve read in other websites it seems many European countries are going to adopt the same (((measures))). This psy-op is getting more and more dystopian by the day. Thanks Jews:

“In Dead of Night, Israel Approves Harsher Coronavirus Tracking Methods Than Gov’t Stated” – Government approves regulations permitting collection of data without court order.

At the end of the last millennium people believed in the end of days and in the middle of the last millennium, they did as well.


I knew I had once seen a documentary on Steph—


I’m not sure if she was Schizo exactly but perhaps drunk/intoxicated in some manner, and possibly just low-iq in general. Not too sure. She didn’t sound White, which is okay of course because we are mixed together in this ZOG mess, so some non-Whites will be “waking up” as well, that’s a given… Unfortunately, even many Whites are right on the same level as Steph. Many who LARP (pretend) to be Pro-White are about the same IQ level as Steph, if you ask me. The one thing she was right about (from what I remember hearing) was how we’re all being thrown under the bus by ZOG, but I think then she went on to shill for “some good jews” or something like that. Sure,… Read more »


Given the history & the fact it is clear now that their “never again” means the complete eradication of white people it’s time the world’s people finally banded together to say it back to them “NEVER AGAIN!”. Then the job has to be completed to ensure that this is the case for the rest of time. These people live by eliminating competition in every way & at every level. It is existential. As long as they exist their “competition” will continue to be eliminated. The people who matter & in the right places to do something about it need to understand this fully & then get to work until the job is done & the world is FINALLY free of this problem. Any lesser problems… Read more »

adrian holliday, she is pissed as a newt (British for drunk) wanted some jiggy jiggy with you Charles…great show

Dominique Brasche

Toilet Paper is the meme of 2020


You forgot to say “thanks jews” at the end, or “thanks zog”. Don’t just say that like it’s a funny or cool thing. It’s retarded. The ZOG (aka the occupied jewish Government) in place is responsible for this. So if you’re going to say something like that, end it off with “thanks to jews” or “thanks to zog”, or something like that. “thanks to the Anti-Whites” which would also be an accurate way to phrase it. But just saying it, makes it sound like you’re proud of it, and happy about it. /: