Truth Hertz: Cosby Conclusion & The Depravity of Dan Schneider (5-31-18)

Charlie responds to some comments, finishes up the discussion on Cosby’s criminal case and those involved in it, then discusses what Dan Schneider and some of his fellow tribe members have been getting away with in Hollywood.

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29 Comments on "Truth Hertz: Cosby Conclusion & The Depravity of Dan Schneider (5-31-18)"

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That 5 mins with goose story and afterward wrap-up was the best stuff I ever heard you do. Thank the cosmos there is one righteous mind on this site. The targets wont agree because they are diseased.

Great job Charles, Although 99.9% of these high profile mainstream media soap narratives are distractions usually while Israel mass genocides Palestinians or some other jew crime against the goyim.
All the chit chat is pub talk and makes for stimulating entertainment (enter & hold the mind) Individually Don’t play in the jew sandbox there is a tipping point and unfortunately we are no where near it.

If one listened to the whole of Charlie’s show he clearly states his take on the Cosby destruction. I could care less about one of the most unfunny black comedians ever to come out Jewywood. I can’t see getting so worked up about the whole subject, I think Kyle is right about some rats with big hook noses sneaking their way into the Renegade house and trying to divide it.

Cosby was set up by the jew media. He was a hapless. Black star who got jewed.
I believe the allegations against Crosby are manipulated and not true. Great work Charlie on defending him against thos constance bitch. Gloria Allred a jewess who smells money and fame tells you this is all BS!

Schnieder Nick perv link