Truth Hertz: Cracking the Code of Cicada 3301 & Current Events (1-12-21)

Charlie talks about the Cicada 3301 operation and then gets into some of headlines.

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Lady Cat
8 days ago

I remember hearing about it a couple years after it started. Like 2014. I had taken time off from ALL internet, news, and the lulz on pol. Any ways it started on POL too. Idk if you mentioned that. So when I heard about it a couple years later, I took a look and agree with the general opinion. Absolutely, GlowWorm recruiting tool. 😂 they might as well made the cicada neon! Absolutely aimed at the best of us goys. Always! They poach corrupt or slaughter our best, smartest, well balance White men. Our leaders. Exactly like Ted Kazinkski, yes. Who had a genius IQ and was chosen to participate in a government experiment, because he was so average as far as personality goes. Not… Read more »

Lady Cat
8 days ago

Oh yes Very frustrating I keep my goal to getting one fact based conversation a day Magapedes are doubling down and everyone who does not believe in Trump is a shill. Seems they learned that word well. Controlled Opposition, and cognitive dissonance not so much. So help me here ? Cognitive dissonance occurs when they hear a fact that contradicts what they believe. It causes discomfort in the brain yes? Ok Has any one else noticed there is also a huge amount of people who can accept two opposing facts, neither canceling the other out, as true. Like – flu is gone because of masks and social distancing. But in the same time we didn’t wear mask and social distance for Covid And there is… Read more »

Reply to  Lady Cat
8 days ago

No not at all. Stop White genocide.

Lady Cat
Reply to  White
6 days ago

What is that name of the Pavlov study, not the famous one. There was another one about showing a group 2 opposing but incomplete pictures
And it causes some type of trauma that causes a split in perception?
Sound familiar
I may not even be describing it right.. I swear I read an article here once to.

Ring a bell?

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