Truth Hertz: Criminals of the Coronavirus Crisis (4-6-20)

Charlie talks about how people need to get angry at the criminals making lots of money off the suffering of others, all so they might have their “new world order” finalized.

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I disagree with Charlie that this virus exists. Shortness of breath with a dry cough is possible with complications caused by a flu, like bronchitis. Again, all symptoms of covid 19 can be attributed to something else, so how can we ever be sure that this virus exists? Because their fraudulent tests says so or because the lying media says so? The truth is we can not prove it exists. Just like how mainstream history likes to spout that the black death was caused by the bubonic plague as if it were a fact when the symptoms of the bubonic plague is shared with many other illnesses, on top of that, the bubonic plague leaves behind massive amounts of dead rats. No mass corpses of… Read more »


The virus exists but it can be cured by natural treatments. Use of Sauna, Vitamin C and D, forcing yourself to breathe deeply. I contracted it and agreed with my doctor to manage it at home, at this point I now test negative for the virus and have fully recovered. It did have unique symptoms. I hallucinated for a number of days and had to force myself to walk in the shower even though my body was almost immobile for a couple of days. The hot shower in combination with liquids and deep breathing, vitamins, helped me to fully recover and I now test negative for the virus. I don’t think we should be shutting down businesses over the virus but I agree with certain… Read more »


Hey Patrick, methinks you must be a branch covidian? More bullshit from the moronavirus cult of operatives. Xrist.


Oh look. It’s Pa-trick back again to tell us how he doesn’t care if we believe the virus is real or not yet goes on to endlessly babble on about how it’s REAL.

Troll Slayer

I call bullshit on this whole damn thing. Between the predictive programming, lack of proof, economic shut down and banker bailouts going on. Just the timing of the whole thing is so convenient for the (((usual suspects))) Still so many dummies are scared to death waiting for the kosher nanny state to tell them what to do

Robert Heimdal

Charles seriously; the correct name is “Stasi”, not “Gestapo”. You can ask some Germans in former East Germany. Trust me, they can tell you a thing or two about it.

Anyway, keep the good work…

‘Sturm auf Stasi-Zentrale durch DDR-Bürger vor 30 Jahren’ (Jan 15, 2020)


That’s right Bob the people under the Reich we’re on the same page with the Gestapo to protect and serve the people unlike the stasi which is secretive, the secret police, that spy and no one knows what the hell’s going so they throw you in prison torture and murder. And that project zephyr Goldberg was talking about sounds like they want to keep you alive infernal hell with the crazy drugs they got now so they can harvest adrenochrome all science is science fiction or is it

Foster XL

Not that I’m saying Charles is necessarily one of these people but unfortunately there’s tons of troofers & “patriots” out there who firmly believe that Hitler was a Rothschild & that the “Nazis” were as much the bad guys as the communists AND the jews. They completely shun any form of “socialism” & label anything like it as “collectivism” yet they’re nearly all staunch christians believing that the jew god is real. They lump them all together as the enemy of “muh freedom & th’ muhrican way o’ laaaarrrf ya sonbitch!”. I can kind of see where most of them are coming from to a degree but their grasp of history is at least somewhat questionable & their strong belief in the desert religion mind… Read more »

Juan Betancourt

The Symptoms Of His Friend Sound like The ” Flu ” What’s The History Of This SUPPOSED CORONA COVID WHATEVER

Borg 7of 9
Alouicious Jackson

Guys… the virus exists. It was released from a Chinese bio-warfare center- just in time to provide a cover story for the deaths from the massive 5G rollout in Wuhan at the end of 2019. 5G absorbs into 02, ionizing the electrons- making it incompatible with hemoglobin. Causing a dry cough, convulsions, anoxia, and death. Like over 20 million so far. Wet cough = virus. Dry cough = 5G. Most are dying of 5G.


Wow! You totally convinced me to believe the media and government that this “novel” virus is real. Thanks! Also, where are all these dead bodies and sick people in the local hospitals that you claim are having respiratory issues from 5G? All I see are dummies and stock photos.