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1 year ago

So let me get this straight. Back in October the Mossad chief stated that an assassination attempt on Soleimani was not impossible then in the same month Israel along with some of their Arab suckers attempted to kill him but their plan was foiled. Also a few days prior to Soleimanis assassination, U.S had airstriked the Iranian ally Kata’ib Hezbollah (who’s leader also got killed with the Soleimani strike) in Iraq. So knowing that there is now an active attempt by Israel to kill Soleimani and his allies, they still though it was a good idea to have them travel to Iraq which is a country that has no sovereignty and their air space is under the control of the U.S and Israel making assassination… Read more »

Lars Baum
1 year ago

Charlie spent so much of his show time of Iranian topic that I feel obliged to add in too. As a way of retaliation or revenge Iran should hit where it hurts most this world monstrosity, the US. Not to attack militarily, but to start agitating other countries for the rejection of the US dollar as a world reserve currency. Also, stop using US dollar as a payment in the international trade, especially oil trade. Use euro, yen, yuan, gold, credit, cryptocurrency, …. whatever but the US dollar. This would really enrage the Jewish rulers and owners of the US.
For my part, I don’t buy anything American, if only I can.

Reply to  Lars Baum
1 year ago

What is even made in America anymore? Do you buy israeli goods?

Reply to  Sinead
1 year ago

We do, sometimes… (Happened a couple of times maybe, ashamed to admit that.) When there’s nothing else in the groceries stores in terms of vegetables. We got radishes from Israel and potatoes from goddamn Egypt. In freaking Russia with all of its territory, which is 95% freaking wasteland. I guess somebody has to provide jobs for the Arab farmers, right? Thanks jews for your tasteless (and most likely poisonous) radishes (and the biggest country in the world with no agriculture of its own, of course).

Reply to  Lars Baum
1 year ago

Well many countries which are supposedly not controlled by the jew should do that. But do they? Syria should do that, you would think, but will it? Jewpedia says never in a million years: “The Syrian POUND (such fans of evil White colonialism, aren’t they) is the currency of Syria and is issued by the Central Bank of Syria”. Are euro and jewuan actually any different from jew dollar? Continuing with the same logic, you would think that all of the Arab countries would team up and rescue a couple million Arabs with their children from Palestine, give them home and shelter, that tiny strip of land doesn’t mean a thing. Hitler rescued the Germans when they were being slaughtered in the neighboring countries. Do… Read more »

Juan Betancourt
1 year ago

This Reminds Me Of The Prelude To The Jan. 1991. Lead Up To The Gulf War Jan. 17th. 1991

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